• I have been using Zettle in store since November 2022. I thought having this plug-in to connect my in-store purchases to my website inventory would be perfect. I have had nothing but issues out of this plug-in and Zettle combined. Items sold in store are not reduced in inventory on WooCommerce. Barcodes and sku for products are constantly forgotten. I have been told it is the firewall for my hosting site, I disabled it, tested it and still no fix, had dreamhost test it with no change, so re-enabled it. Then it must be a plug-in, so I disabled each plug-in, tested, had no change, so re-enabled them. Then it must be a hardware issue, so they sent us new Zettles. Wasn’t that either. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, disconnected, reconnected, redid API keys, re-synced, made test sites for the support team, allowed access to my site for the to the support team, and they still have not come up with a solution. After nine months of inventory, miss-management, I would not recommend this to anyone.

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  • Plugin Support Syde Joost


    Hello @happbeeacres

    I am very sad to see this review, but only saw your support request this morning (sorry for the delay) and will do my best to convince you differently about our plugin.

    There are some situations where we cannot get the plugin to work (related to environment or plugin conflicts), but very often we are able to find out how to get a working setup in place. It does take time and effort, but we are still happy to keep on looking into your case.

    Hope we can help you out ASAP to get this in working order.

    Kind regards,

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