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  • This is the reason I’m getting more and more frustrated with WordPress. Can’t add a simple <script> element to my site, without having to paddle through 5 lousy plugins… This plugin does fulfil its simple role (that I wouldn’t even need if WordPress had built in some elementary HTML customisation), but somehow decided that it’s appropriate to spam me and other admins with requests for donations on every dashboard page that we open – and I couldn’t disable this without deleting the plugin.

    Look, I understand you want to make some cash, but then please clearly mark this as freemium or make it a paid thing. This thing you’re doing now is just plain rude.

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  • Plugin Author mahethekiller


    Hi kermit666, I am very sorry that you found this spammy, This was my very first plugin on wordpress. i apologize for the spams and i have removed that in my new update hope you find it useful now.

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