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    Hi, just curious are you supporting cookie invalidation for logged in users or WC carts?

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    Thank you for your first feedback to this plugin! We apreciate it a lot!

    In regards to your question. You should look at cache invalidation an action taken by Amazon to clear the cache of one or more assets (pages, images etc.) on all it’s international nodes. I presume that this process is costly and that it is the reason why they provide a limited monthly budget of 1000 invalidations and charge $0.005 USD per invalidation (a path charged as 1 invalidation could match multiple pages using a wildcard, e.g. /* for all pages or /category/* for pages in a category).

    More information can be found in the documentation:

    Dynamic content caching based on cookies

    In regards to support for dynamic content based on cookies, e.g. a logged in user cookie, that is possible. CloudFront provides options to fine grain caching behavior using advanced settings. It is possible to cache based on cookies, HTTP headers and query strings so that it supports selectively caching of dynamic
    content for the same page URLs. There are no extra costs for this feature.

    Thank for the quick reply, it is really appreciated.

    I realized that my question was a bit confusing but yes I was talking about dynamic content. I haven’t tested the plugin yet so didn’t know that the cache configuration was done in Cloudfront.

    I’m familiar with Cloudfront, used as a CDN for assets but not so much for full page caching on wp.

    I will have to look that closely and see if how this can work with woocommerce and dynamic pricing per role.



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    If you have a suggestion for an improvement, please let us know!

    The next update will enable to set the cache age (per individual page) so that it will be possible to cache pages on CloudFront for 7 days or more, ensuring that the international cache will be ready when a page receives just 1 visitor per week.

    CloudFront simply obeys the HTTP cache headers so it would be possible to control the cache manually as well by setting HTTP cache headers.

    Thanks for the links and the info, I’ll surely take a look into it 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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