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    Getting this error with newest version of this plugin. How can we fix this? Doesn’t

    Looking at the order totals in Woocommerce 3.6.2 and on Square. The number is square is off by .01-.02 cents each order. PLEASE FIX ASAP!

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    Hi @webmaster1234,

    Can you send along a screenshot of your Tax Settings(WooCommerce->Settings->Tax)? I’d like to see what you have there in terms of inclusive/exclusive pricing and what you have for rounding.

    Are your prices set to use more than 2 decimals?

    Attached is screenshot. This error happens alot on items that are 69.99 in square it shows them as 68.99.

    SS of amount difference:

    SS of tax settings:

    Prices are only 2 decimals. Please help thanks.

    I’m having this problem as well. This was an issue with Version 2 about a month ago. I thought it had been fixed. We are a nonprofit and don’t even charge tax, so I’m not sure why this is an issue. Should people revert to Version 1 again?

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    Yes the orders in question are all also non-taxable.

    WordPress 5.2.2
    Woocommerce 3.6.2
    Square Plugin 2.0.3
    Sql 5.6
    Php 7.3

    Where can we download a working previous version? This is very important for us and our customers. Thank you.

    Hey @webmaster1234, you can download it at the very bottom on this page:

    Select version 1.0.38, which is the latest stable version.

    Thanks WooCommerce Square team for all you’re doing to correct this error. Your efforts are appreciated, important, and will make a difference for many websites! This plugin has already been a huge asset of helping us make our books accessible to people through our website.

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    Hi @webmaster1234,

    This error happens alot on items that are 69.99 in square it shows them as 68.99.

    Do you mean that it is 69.98? A whole dollar off is something quite different.

    I can see that your screenshot shows a discount being applied, can you show the details of that particular coupon? The issue may lie with rounding when discounts(coupons) are applied so it would be super helpful to know the exact percentage/amount of the coupon and the coupon type(flat cart discount, product %, cart %).

    Sorry that was a type should be 69.98, the coupon is for percentage 50% off. It is important to note that this happens on orders with no tax and no coupon applied as well.

    This is the only payment gateway that seems to have this problem.

    Also thank you meg.

    We are having the same issue when customers use promo codes.

    Well hopefully they can fix it soon. I had it happen yesterday a few times again on orders with and without coupons and no tax.

    We are not using any item or inventory sync with Square. All sync inventory features are disabled.

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    Hey @webmaster1234,

    I was able to reproduce this with a WooCommerce synced product that costs $69.99. The problem, ultimately, is the item’s price in Square. It was synced as $69.98 which resulted in a penny discrepancy when I went to purchase the synced item within my store.

    It doesn’t require any coupons or discounts to see this issue provided the synced price doesn’t match up.

    It looks like an issue with the float value calculations. This post gives a hotfix which I’ve tested locally and works:

    Ok thanks I replaced those lines (line 50-56) using Dreamweaver and it was also throwing me a lot of syntax error in that file before the change. Hopefully it works.

    Ok I did a test sale and it seems to work but there is a long delay between when you hit “pay for order” and when square returns the authorization and forwards customer to completed order page. like 15-20 seconds is there a way to reduce this lag time?

    Hi Thomas,

    We are having the same problem with the totals not matching on some orders. We have downgraded to v 1.x and it is working without error. There may be other issues happening now, so we would like to get a patch and used the 2.x version ASAP. Here is a screenshot of the tax settings:

    Please email direct for more information from the site.

    Thank you,


    Plugin Support Mike W


    Hi @39webdesigns,

    Sorry for the wait on this – we do have a bug report on this in the Square repo which the devs are working on. In the meantime did you test the workaround for the post above?

    Please do and let me know if it works!

    Plugin Support Mike W


    Hi @39webdesigns,

    Did the workaround work? The bug report on the Square repo is still active, but the workaround should solve it for now. Please let us know! I will mark this as Resolved however replying to this will re-open it and let us know.

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