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    When I try to checkout I’m getting the following error.

    Invalid ZIP entered.

    This is a site in development. We started it a few months back and the customer has been slow at getting products entered. We’re finally getting back to it and I thought I should get the tires a little and now getting the error that I’m pretty sure we were not getting back a few months ago. Of course WordPress has taken a big update so maybe there’s an issue with compatibility.

    ### WordPress Environment ###
    Home URL:
    Site URL:
    WC Version: 3.5.3
    Log Directory Writable: ✔
    WP Version: 5.0.2
    WP Multisite: –
    WP Memory Limit: 256 MB
    WP Debug Mode: –
    WP Cron: ✔
    Language: en_US
    External object cache: –
    ### Server Environment ###
    Server Info: Apache
    PHP Version: 7.2.13
    PHP Post Max Size: 64 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 30
    PHP Max Input Vars: 1000
    cURL Version: 7.62.0
    SUHOSIN Installed: –
    MySQL Version: 5.6.41
    Max Upload Size: 64 MB
    Default Timezone is UTC: ✔
    fsockopen/cURL: ✔
    SoapClient: ✔
    DOMDocument: ✔
    GZip: ✔
    Multibyte String: ✔
    Remote Post: ✔
    Remote Get: ✔
    ### Database ###
    WC Database Version: 3.5.3
    WC Database Prefix: wprn_
    MaxMind GeoIP Database: ✔
    Total Database Size: 10.07MB
    Database Data Size: 8.40MB
    Database Index Size: 1.67MB
    wprn_woocommerce_sessions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_woocommerce_api_keys: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
    wprn_woocommerce_order_items: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_woocommerce_order_itemmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_woocommerce_tax_rates: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.06MB
    wprn_woocommerce_tax_rate_locations: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_woocommerce_shipping_zones: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_woocommerce_shipping_zone_locations: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_woocommerce_payment_tokens: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_woocommerce_payment_tokenmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_woocommerce_log: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_commentmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_comments: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.09MB
    wprn_ite_address: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_ite_line_items: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_ite_line_itemsmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_ite_logs: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_ite_payment_tokens: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_ite_payment_tokensmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_ite_refunds: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_ite_refundsmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_ite_sessions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_ite_transactions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
    wprn_links: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_options: Data: 1.16MB + Index: 0.06MB
    wprn_postmeta: Data: 0.19MB + Index: 0.16MB
    wprn_posts: Data: 1.30MB + Index: 0.06MB
    wprn_termmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_terms: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_term_relationships: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_term_taxonomy: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_usermeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_users: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
    wprn_wc_download_log: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_wc_webhooks: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_wfBadLeechers: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfBlockedCommentLog: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfBlockedIPLog: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfBlocks7: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
    wprn_wfConfig: Data: 0.41MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfCrawlers: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfFileChanges: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfFileMods: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfHits: Data: 1.02MB + Index: 0.08MB
    wprn_wfHoover: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_wfIssues: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.06MB
    wprn_wfKnownFileList: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfLeechers: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfLiveTrafficHuman: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB
    wprn_wfLocs: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfLogins: Data: 0.08MB + Index: 0.03MB
    wprn_wfNotifications: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfPendingIssues: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.06MB
    wprn_wfReverseCache: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfScanners: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfSNIPCache: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB
    wprn_wfStatus: Data: 0.16MB + Index: 0.13MB
    wprn_wfTrafficRates: Data: 0.00MB + Index: 0.00MB
    wprn_wfVulnScanners: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB
    ### Post Type Counts ###
    attachment: 51
    custom_css: 2
    it_exchange_prod: 2
    jetpack_migration: 2
    jp_img_sitemap: 1
    jp_sitemap: 1
    jp_sitemap_master: 1
    nav_menu_item: 5
    page: 14
    post: 3
    product: 28
    product_variation: 36
    revision: 191
    ### Security ###
    Secure connection (HTTPS): ✔
    Hide errors from visitors: ✔
    ### Active Plugins (15) ###
    All-in-One WP Migration B2 Extension: by ServMask – 1.11
    All-in-One WP Migration: by ServMask – 6.82
    Classic Editor: by WordPress Contributors – 1.3
    Imsanity: by Exactly WWW – 2.4.1
    Jetpack by by Automattic – 6.8.1
    Menu Icons: by ThemeIsle – 0.11.4
    My Custom Functions: by Space X-Chimp – 4.31
    Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce (Lite version): by Tyche Softwares – 3.6 – Not tested with the active version of WooCommerce
    Easy Updates Manager: by Easy Updates Manager Team – 8.0.3
    WooCommerce Blocks: by Automattic – 1.2.0
    WooCommerce Variation Swatches: by Emran Ahmed – 1.0.52
    WooCommerce Services: by Automattic – 1.18.0
    WooCommerce: by Automattic – 3.5.3
    Wordfence Security: by Wordfence – 7.1.18
    WP Crontrol: by John Blackbourn & contributors – 1.6.2
    ### Settings ###
    API Enabled: –
    Force SSL: –
    Currency: USD ($)
    Currency Position: left
    Thousand Separator: ,
    Decimal Separator: .
    Number of Decimals: 2
    Taxonomies: Product Types: external (external)
    grouped (grouped)
    simple (simple)
    variable (variable)
    Taxonomies: Product Visibility: exclude-from-catalog (exclude-from-catalog)
    exclude-from-search (exclude-from-search)
    featured (featured)
    outofstock (outofstock)
    rated-1 (rated-1)
    rated-2 (rated-2)
    rated-3 (rated-3)
    rated-4 (rated-4)
    rated-5 (rated-5)
    ### WC Pages ###
    Shop base: #5 - /shop/
    Cart: #6 - /cart/
    Checkout: #7 - /checkout/
    My account: #8 - /my-account/
    Terms and conditions: ❌ Page not set
    ### Theme ###
    Name: Storefront
    Version: 2.4.2
    Author URL:
    Child Theme: ❌ – If you are modifying WooCommerce on a parent theme that you did not build personally we recommend using a child theme. See: How to create a child theme
    WooCommerce Support: ✔
    ### Templates ###
    Overrides: –

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • That was supposed to say “kick the tires” in my first post. Anyhow, I’m using the Automattic Storefront theme but just to be sure the issue isn’t theme-related, I tried the twenty nineteen theme and the problem is still there.

    Plugin Support Zach W


    Automattic Happiness Engineer


    I ran a test on your site and see what you’re saying.

    Can you let me know the following:

    * Where are your stores located?
    * How do you have your shipping zones and methods currently setup? Can you provide some screenshots of those areas?

    Plugin Support Zach W


    Automattic Happiness Engineer


    Thanks for that info!

    I tried using Lambeau Field’s address (Green Bay, WI) and got the same error notice.

    I can’t find any obvious causes from your System Status, so if you’re sure the shipping settings are setup properly (and from the screencast they look okay), this may be a theme or plugin conflict, and you can troubleshoot that by following the information here:

    I would suggest trying to remove United States from here though, as Wisconsin should be sufficient:

    Found the problem. I deactivated all the plugins, which I had done before but had left Jetpack active thinking that surely it can’t be Jetpack. Well what do you know, the problem is Jetpack. As soon as I deactivate Jetpack the problem goes away. It comes back when I activate and connect Jetpack. Just to be sure I repeated that process at least 3 times.

    And just an FYI, with Jetpack active and connected, I activated the Twenty Nineteen theme, but the problem persists. Did that to eliminate that possibility of the combination of the Storefront theme and Jetpack being the problem.

    And I also tried deactivating all the options in Jetpack, with it active and connected of course, and that didn’t help. Problem still persists.

    So unfortunately I’ll have to run the site without Jetpack. I’m a little surprised that I’m the only person seeing this issue.

    [ Please do not bump. ]

    Not sure why this was set to resolved. I haven’t heard a thing from support for almost 3 weeks. Does this mean that the Jetpack update that was just released fixed the problem?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    It’s your topic. If you think it’s not resolved then flag it “not resolved” in the right sidebar.

    Thanks, just did that. I didn’t even know that was available. Never had a topic set to resolved before it was actually resolved.

    I too believe am having the same problem as you.
    Problem started appearing when I activated Jetpack for automated tax calculation.

    If you try to go to the checkout endpoint in your browser, you will get

    ZIP does not match the selected state.

    There are some issues with the items in your cart (shown above). Please go back to the cart page and resolve these issues before checking out.

    The “Invalid ZIP entered” error is on the cart.

    This same issue that oakhillman, me and others have is described here as well:

    oakhillman, a possible sollution would be that you go into wp-admin => Shipping => Shipping Options => ” Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page ”
    You can then correct the wrong zip code in the cart as you will have a shipping calc on the cart (

    However, if you don’t like having this option enabled, you’re out of luck.
    I have shipping hidden on cart so this doesn’t work for me.

    Woocommerce, here is how to reproduce this:
    1. DO NOT HAVE THIS ENABLED — wp-admin => Shipping => Shipping Options => ” Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page ”
    2. Enter an invalid zip code on checkout
    3. Exit checkout (I.E. look at a product or go back to cart)
    4. You will never be able to get back to checkout in the current session

    Note: this is even worse than it seems, because if you log in to your account and you have a bad zip code in your account it gets auto filled in the checkout.

    Plugin Support Zach W


    Automattic Happiness Engineer


    Thanks for the specific steps to reproduce the error!

    I tried reproducing this with the following versions of the plugins:

    * WordPress version 5.0.3
    * WooCommerce version 3.5.4 (database version at 3.5.4 as well).
    * Jetpack version 7.0
    * WooCommerce Services version 1.18.0
    * Storefront version 2.4.3

    However, I got a There are no shipping methods available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help. message at checkout, but was able to navigate to the cart page, product page, then back to cart/checkout without any issues. I couldn’t reproduce this on my end.

    Are both of you updated to the most recent versions of the plugins and did you test with Storefront enabled (@oakhillman it looks like you’re already using Storefront)?

    We’ve only seen this reported when it’s a conflict, and it isn’t a conflict with Jetpack and WooCommerce Services itself.

    As I mentioned in an earlier reply, you can troubleshoot for theme/plugin conflicts by following the information here:

    Please make sure that you switch to the Storefront theme, and only activate WooCommerce, WooCommerce Services, and Jetpack when testing, and be sure to use the latest versions of each.

    Hello Zach,
    I don’t mean to hijack oakhillman’s thread, will try to reproduce on a clean install with the latest versions of everything and will get back in a week or so, most probably on a separate thread.
    Will follow this one as well though 🙂

    So guess I’m not hijacking the thread after all, as I strongly believe oakhillman and the reddit user has the same issue.
    I have installed a fresh WP & WC, storefront theme and have setup automated taxes.
    Same result.
    Please watch this youtube video, you will see what I mean –

    I’d rather not hack this via js by invisibly auto-filling, on cart page load a valid ZIP and have a proper fix for this. I don’t mind auto-filling via functions.php

    @flo_sb Thanks for working on this. And yes, the video shows the problem I am having. Does the problem go away when you deactivate Jetpack?

    oakhillman, yes it does.
    Or if I recall well, if you deactivate automated shipping taxes calculation.
    Or, if you ” Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page ” as described above and correct the zip code.

    However, none of those options suits me, and I need a fix.
    A workaround would be something like, in pseudocode, in functions.php

    if( (is_cart() || is_checkout_first_page_load()) && is_wrong_zip_code() ) {

    However the proper sollution would be, in pseudocode

    if((is_cart() || is_checkout_first_page_load()) && !shipping_calculator_on_cart_enabled() && invalid_zip_code_entered()){

    P.S. I didn’t give the direct problematic fresh new test store link, but it is visible in the video. Either way, this is the link:
    Either way

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by flo_sb.
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