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  • I hope I can ex-plane this well enough. I am new to wordpress, I am trying to work though the tutorials. I have installed wamp on my computer. I have wordpress files in my www file I renamed it to the site name for the tutorial. www/explore_ca/blog/ is my file layout. I created the data base in mysql. I even created a user name and password as per on of the post I already read here trying to figure this out before I posted. I go though the install and everything seems to go fine. The first thing I noticed was in the tutorial on this part from they are taken to the sussess and log in screen when the install is done. All I get is the W wordpress logo at the top I tried waiting a few mins figuring that it was taking a while so I watched tv for about 30 mins still had the same thing showing. So I figured maybe it just got hung up after the install so I refresh the page and it tells me that wordpress is already installed. I click contue and it takes me to the log in page.
    I type in my information and I get ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?
    When I go to the data base I can not find my username or password any were. The one I did though mysql or with the install.

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  • It sounds like the install didn’t work properly and crashed before it got to do everything that it needed to.

    To try again, go into the database and DROP all of the tables. Then try to re-run the installer and it should try to start the installation process again.

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