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    Greetings. I’ve just installed the widget and as I was trying to add the final touches it came up with the following error: invalid username. I tried adding my twitter username both with and without the @ and it won’t recognize either. Could you please help me as I’m not very tech savvy? Thanks in advance.

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    He Xondra,
    Are you talking about the username validator in the widget admin panel? or are you getting this message in your blog’s side bar where the widget should appear?


    I also get this error on th efront page
    “Please specify a screen name in the widget panel.”
    I’ve tried two names that get validated in admin as valid but alwsys get this error on public pages.

    Plugin Author


    Did you save the widget’s settings after changing the username?
    Also, Did you provide the correct twitter tokens?


    I got the same issue about multiple screennames as well.

    If the site has a single widget with one screenname it is fine, but when I add the second widget (even not show on the same screen). I start to get
    “Please specify a screen name in the widget panel.”
    When I removed the widget and have only one widget, it will be back to work again.

    Here is the the WDTwitterFeed result, you can see that there is no ‘user’ come up.
    NOTE: Screenname is valid and show valid when creating widget. Also, each of them works on the single widget (e.g. elliott_jw, jmancrisp)

    WDTwitterFeed Object
    [widgetName:protected] => WDTwitterFeed
    [widgetFancyName:protected] => WD Twitter Feed
    [cssClass:protected] => wdtf
    [textDomain:protected] => WDTwitterFeed-locale
    [minHeight:protected] => 250
    [minWidth:protected] => 220
    [apiUrl:protected] =>
    [tokensOptionName:protected] => twitterFeedTokens
    [tokens:protected] => Array
    [oauth_access_token] => [REMOVED]
    [oauth_access_token_secret] => [REMOVED]
    [consumer_key] => [REMOVED]
    [consumer_secret] => [REMOVED]

    [timeout:protected] => 5
    [options:WDTwitterFeed:private] =>
    [defaults:WDTwitterFeed:private] => Array
    [title] => My Tweets
    [titleColor] => #1b90ad
    [bodyColor] => #1ea9cc
    [user] =>
    [show_wrapper] => on
    [show_powered_by] => on
    [replies] => on
    [retweets] => on
    [numTweets] => 5
    [cacheFreq] => 24
    [twitter_widget_code] =>

    [noStrip:WDTwitterFeed:private] => Array
    [0] => twitter_widget_code

    [id_base] => wdtwitterfeed
    [name] => WD Twitter Feed
    [widget_options] => Array
    [classname] => WDTwitterFeed
    [description] => A simple and powerful Twitter feed widget.

    [control_options] => Array
    [id_base] => wdtwitterfeed

    [number] => 3
    [id] => wdtwitterfeed-3
    [updated] =>
    [option_name] => widget_wdtwitterfeed

    I also tried even two widgets with the same screennames, it showed “Please specify a screen name in the widget panel.” as well.

    Plugin Author Askupa Software


    Please download the new version (1.3) which fixes this problem. The entire plugin was recoded from scratch using OOP and it is now much more robust and reliable.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to submit a new ticket.

    Thank you,

    Askupa Software

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