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  • Invalid Transactions in WooCommerce are marking customers orders as Pending Payment but the payment is still being processed by SumUp.

    This is leading to customers placing 2 orders because they think the website is broken. Cards in payment have been Visa Debit.

    Can you please point me in the direction of someone who can help me fix this on behalf of my client Plenty of Thyme.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @ehlanafoley,

    Thank you for your message, can you please elaborate a bit more on the Pending status of a payment?
    – How does the payment stay pending?
    – What trigger this status?

    Many thanks,

    We don’t know what’s triggering the status unfrtunately, that’s why I’ve come here for support with your plugin.

    Something isn’t registering that the payment has gone through to sumup and so the website thinks that the customer hasn’t paid and the order notes tell us that the sumup transaction was invalid.

    However, when we go to check sumup, sure enough the customer payment is there, twice because they’ve tried to order again.

    Just now, not even 30 minutes ago, this has happened again:

    Customer received this page but her payment has gone through and so has the order as pending payment. My client is now getting rather frustrated and will most likely resolve it by moving to another payment provider which I would like to avoid if I can.

    Further here you can see the transaction says Invalid:

    We’ve had to manually change it to processin.

    Plugin Support julliansumup


    Hi @ehlanafoley,

    I cannot find any failed transactions into your account, I assume the problem is happening before we receive the checkout, I will check if we had some irregularities in our system yesterday.

    Many thanks,

    Hi Jullian,

    We didn’t have any failed transactions this is the issue. In WooCommerce as above in the screenshot, it says that the transaction is invalid, however, the payment was taken from the customer and it showed in our SumUp account.

    Thanks again for your swift responses, I hope that we can find a resolution soon!

    Kind Regards,

    Hi Julian, Sorry to keep emailing on the thread but it has happened again 15 minutes ago with yet another customer using a Visa card. At this point, my client is furious and will be moving providers if this happens one more time. Is there any chance I can speak to one of your team on the phone?

    I’m getting the same issue. Customers are trying to pay by card, and for them, it appears to fail yet their payment has still been taken. Here’s is an example in my log files :

    2020-05-21T08:29:45+00:00 NOTICE
    ====SumUp Version: 1.0.0====
    Client ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ====Start Log====
    Trying to process a payment but the transaction was invalid
    ====End Log====

    2020-05-21T08:29:45+00:00 DEBUG
    ====SumUp Version: 1.0.0====
    Client ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ====Start Log====
    Trying to process a payment. Order ID: 347. Array
    [result] =>
    [message] => transaction_code_mismatch

    ====End Log====

    @westwok We gave up and went with stripe in the end, payment takes 7 days to be released but you don’t get the hassle and lack of reply.

    These guys lost interest in our case and limited our client transactions to a certain amount per day which meant Sumup stopped making commission too, what a backward business model. Each to their own though.

    Honestly, to save you weeks of heartache and having to contact your customers when things go wrong, I recommend to go with Stripe or another well established payment provider if you can.

    I’m having the same problem with this.

    The customer gets a “Transaction was unsuccessful. Please try another card or try another payment method.” message on the checkout screen. The Payment in the SumUp dashboard is canceled, and the order in WooCommerce is left Pending Payment.


    I’m getting the same issue, not happening on every checkout but quite a few, user sees an error but payment is taken. WooCommerce doesn’t seem to get the callback that the transaction went through successfully and the order stays in pending payment status. Did anyone find a fix for this?




    I’m having the same problem at the moment.

    When a customer pays online with SumUp and creates a new account the payment is taken by SumUp, but SunUp doesn’t tell Woocommerce so the order is left pending payment. Also the client gets an error message.

    I’ve been onto the SumUp team, but it’s been 8 days without a fix.

    Has anybody else resolved this issue please?



    @responsiblebbeing I wouldnt hold your breath,. I reported this about 2 months a go and i have chased 2/3 times. Ive disabled the sumup plugin on our site and gone back to paypal. That isnt the only serious error in it

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    @julliansumup Can i please have contact details for the head of integrations support or the head of your total support operation please. I would like to escalate these issues

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