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  • I just upgraded to the newest version to see if it fixed, but to no avail.

    I built a site for a client and it’s been up and running fine until out of the blue a couple days ago, the plugin I was using for the galleries (easyRotator) decided to throw up errors on the pages it was used on “Invalid rotator ID specified (path erc_16_1346977380 doesn’t exist). Unable to display rotator”. At first I thought this was just a plug-in problem, but then I tried to install other plug-ins and they weren’t working at all, they were just displaying the short-code on the page (I tested the same plug-ins on other client sites also hosted by the same company and they worked fine, but not on this site). I went back in and loaded 2 old galleries that seemed to work (but not the third), and I made another new one that doesn’t work.

    I saw posts about the easyRotator problem; one was resolved by a server space issue, one wasn’t answered, and a third was closed because they say it was already covered by the second unanswered post. I contacted my host and am awaiting a response about the server, but does anyone else have any feedback?

    The site is, I tested on a hidden page to see if I could load another gallery (the errors are in the second posting).

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  • Im having exactly the same problem, working fine untill other day. Have checked permissions of files using filezilla, and they appear fine (tried 777 and 755) but still getting the error. The files which it is saying dont exist are there, and I have copied over the correct code.

    Did you mange to fix this?

    I got a rep to look through the server and he mentioned that he found a double-install of WP and to delete one.

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