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  • I am getting an error when trying to add a variation to a simple product, the message is “Invalid or duplicated SKU.” But I never used this SKU before. Does anyone get the same with the new Woo version (3.0.2.)?

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  • I get the message when just updating a product.

    The SKU does not have a duplicate, yet it says so..

    Same here. Are you guys using Woocommerce with Multilingual plugin? Anyone managed to find any solutions?

    Yes, I actually use WPML and duplicate all the products to other languages. This might be what is causing it.

    How about others here?

    Yep, using WPML. The only solution atm is to find the SKU in the db (wp_postmeta table) and delete it. After that i can create the variations SKU’s without a problem.

    I ended up manually removing SKU’s from database like you Borko. What might be related, I noticed that if I delete a product via admin panel only the original post/product is deleted and the translated duplicate is not causes this type of mess.

    I have a similar issue getting the message “Invalid or duplicate SKU” however the error is not related to a duplicate SKU. The issue occurs if I try to update a post with a SKU in the format number-dash-number; example 20339-2. If I change the SKU to contain an alpha character; example A20339-2 the post is updated without throwing the error message.

    This is occurring when there is an underlying save_post action.

    I suspect that somewhere the SKU is not being explicitly typed as text/string.



    Is there any update to this? I used to use WPML but now do not. I also have no duplicated/translated SKUS in the DB? AND my SKUS start with an alpha character (example: FPC-0601). But yeah… anytime I try and save a product I get the error: “Invalid or duplicate SKU”.

    +1 here. Is this a bug? Because like everyone said, I do not have duplicate SKUs (well the variations have the same SKU, which is normal / standard). Also using WPML.

    Having the same error.. Eventhough i try disabling the plugins, i still have this error

    Any news?

    Hello all, I am Lauren from the WPML team. I will continue troubleshooting the issue, and you can feel free to following here for udpates:

    I have been unable to reproduce this issue on a clean install, so I have requested a snapshot of someone’s site so I can run tests in a staging environment. Please feel free to send any additional information on the WPML forum post.


    Lauren Jeffcoat

    I’m having the same issue when importing products to a clean install. No products in the database at all and have double checked my CSV and there are no SKUs duplicated.

    I recently got the Invalid SKU error. I’m not using WPML but if I create a new product and give it an SKU under Inventory or have an old product that has an SKU already assigned, then add variations, and give each variation a different SKU, the error occurs. I usually assign the first variation the same SKU as the original product.

    Once I change the SKU under Inventory to a different number, the error goes away.

    Example: Original product SKU is P0001. Variations: P0001 and P0002. This will generate an error.

    Change Original product SKU to P0000. Keep Variation SKUs: P0001 and P0002.

    No error.

    The error did not happen on earlier versions of Woocommerce but I noticed it after I upgraded to the 3+ versions.

    This may not be the exact same problem as described by some in this thread but I thought it may help those who have may have the same problem as I did.

    Since the moment I upgraded WordPress I can’t create new products, I am getting error -Invalid or duplicated SKU. Does anyone have the solution to this?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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