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  • I submitted a post yesterday I cannot find. Someone replied directing me to reset access information in database. Instead, I tried again today to have password reset and this time an email came. Unfortunately, when I click on the link and return to my log-in, receive the following message: “Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid.”

    I have tried three times with the same link sent and the same message. The link is^4P

    Can anyone help? Why am I receive an invalid key? I am not comfortable entering the database. If that is my last resort, will have to find a webmaster to do that. I shouldn’t have this problem. My access worked fine until Tuesday!


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  • there are other options than entering the database
    any of these methods will work



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    Make sure that the reset link (the one with the key) isn’t wrapping over 2 lines in your email. Some email clients do wrap longer links over 2 lines – breaking the link in the process. In those situations, when you click on the link, you’re only getting the first part – not the whole link. Try copying and pasting the link carefully into your browser – making sure you’ve copied every single character.

    Appreciate the replies. I had copied and pasted into browser. The password was the same for both of my WP blogs. I can access the second with no problem using that password.

    Samboll–the choices at this link beyond accessing admin to change in profile (which I cannot do) are entering control panel to do it there. I still would need someone to do that for me.

    Why can I access the second blog but not the first? If it is a password issue, wouldn’t that affect both blogs? Nor can I access WP site with my log-in information yet I could last Friday!

    An invalid reset link is another issue. Something else is going on if the second blog access is fine.

    Is there a way for you to check why it only fails at one blog and access to




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    Why can I access the second blog but not the first?

    If these are two completely separate blogs, then it’s entirely feasible that you might have an access issue with one and not the other. They’re two completely separate entities.

    Nor can I access WP site with my log-in information yet I could last Friday!

    Which WordPress site? One of your blogs? Or

    @ GroveGal
    if you want some personal help click on my name then “Contact” on my test site at top and I’ll look at it for you

    Hi Samboll,

    I sent a contact request through your test blog. Did you receive it?


    Every place I look in this forum, it sends me to the reset_password page … which has nothing at all like my own phpMyAdmin.

    There is no place to “edit” the password. Perhaps a newer version?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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