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  • switch to a default WordPress theme, if that doesn’t fix, disable one plugin at a time, until you find the error.

    Basically, something is outputting content when it should not.

    In fact, the problem is caused by the theme.

    Is it possible to keep this theme and change something in the code of the theme to detect that I use the API?

    Plugin Author dphiffer


    Which theme is it?

    It’s BOLD NEWS Theme 1.1.5
    You can find it in the WooFramework version 5.5.0.

    Thank you for your help!

    just thinking off the top of my head (at 11pm on a Friday)….

    First of all – for this to work – I’d disable the “pretty JSON API url” and just use a GET parameter, I.E. ?json=get_recent_posts

    then, I’d edit my functions.php and add this

    function remove_all_theme_output ()
    if (isset($_GET['json'])) {
        add_action('init', 'remove_all_theme_output');

    Keep in mind that this is a very hacky approach… I’d much prefer to find where that stray <div> is coming from. Have you edited the theme files? Have you reinstalled the theme from source? Also, are you using Child Themes?

    Finding that stray div also has the added benefit of fixing broken markup on your site. One <div> to rule them all….muhahaha

    Bob thank you for your help,
    I didn’t test your code but the problem is not related to the theme but by the pluggin “Really Simple Facebook Twitter share buttons”.
    He added “div” at the beginning of each post like this:

    <div style="min-height:33px;" class="really_simple_share really_simple_share_button robots-nocontent snap_nopreview"><div class="really_simple_share_facebook_like" style="width:80px;">...

    By disabling the pluggin I have no problem. I’ll try to find another way to share posts. Maybe another pluggin?

    Thank you Bob

    Contact that plugin author about the problem, they’re probably doing something the wrong WordPress API way. The other option to fix it (now that you’ve narrowed down the source) is to install the DebugBar then add the actions and filters addon:

    Once you have those installed – you should be able to search for the function name that’s adding the <div style=”min-height:33px;” class=”really_simple_share really_simple_share_button robots-nocontent snap_nopreview”><div class=”really_simple_share_facebook_like” style=”width:80px;”> and remove it by checking if isset($_GET[‘json’])

    Off the top of my head – they’re probably adding the content by filtering “the_content”

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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