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    I just turned off my CDN and the form works fine now (no “Invalid Image Path” error).

    That said, it would be nice to be able to use a CDN as we were able to in the past.

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    Hi @dragonfly-ca ,

    > I just turned off my CDN and the form works fine now (no “Invalid Image Path” error).

    That’s an interesting data point in the ‘invalid image path’ error; as you’ve seen, there have been a sprinkling of those lately.

    One of the links you sent indicated that it was caused by the plugin “WP Hide & Security Enhancer” (since fixed), and the other indicated it was resolved by updating their theme (Listify).

    I’ve tried duplicating this but have been unable to – also using a CDN (Jetpack).

    I’d be curious to know what happens when you disable all plugins except WPJM, and use a default theme like TwentyTwenty, but also have your CDN enabled.


    Gents I have the same issue, I store images off mysite. so when i upload an image to get a new listing and hit preview it says Inavlid Image path. I think this is because wp job manager does not recognise the link for the offsite storage of my site.

    Can someone at wp job manager propose a function to add another URL so that the image url check feature can also recognise extra urls?

    Many Thanks

    any update?

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    Could you please start your own thread, as per the Forum Welcome?

    You can post your own thread here:

    Thank you!

    I am confused what does forum welcome mean? apologies if i am being ignorant.

    This issue relates to exactly the same issue the genteleman is facing. if i create another threads that just makes if confusing for others that want to find a resolution to the issue if there are multiple threads?

    ok i have read the forum welcome and i dont see anything about mandating me to create a new forum topic? sorry not trying to be difficult but i often see multiple topics relating to similar issues on other wordpress plugins and it can be sometimes not efficient to create a new topic that relates to exactly the same issue.

    Now back to the issue.

    I believe the issue with wp job manager is in your code where you define ‘BASE URL’. For some reason you define BASE URL as the So if you use an image cdn as i use to host my images on amazon aws. the images are hosted on an aws site for example will now be

    your plugin is not recognizing that the image url can be different.

    If its is ok it would be good to have custom function from you guys so that the base url can check for a different URL variable if this url, ok, if not check this url (aws).

    I think this will solve the problem. I am not a developer but from all my investigations i think this is the issue. (to replicate it you need to use a cdn that stores your images on a different domain not jetpack)

    If for any reason you still insist i create another forum topic i will gladly to it.

    many thanks

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