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  • Hi,

    We use the Dream Theme The7 Theme which uses your Pricing Table plugin. We really like this theme as well as your way of visualising pricing tables, so first of all, thanks for the great efforts in bringing this out.

    Two issues have come up, and they may be related.

    First of all, your code doesn’t validate as good HTML. Two errors come up:

    Line 230, Column 127: Element link is missing required attribute property.
    …pls/css/minimal.css” type=”text/css” /> <div id=”shaon-pricing-table”>

    From what I can gather, it needs a media attribute, so probably media=”all” in the style sheet link.

    The second validation error is because you use non-unique IDs:

    Line 230, Column 161: Duplicate ID shaon-pricing-table.
    …s” /> <div id=”shaon-pricing-table”> <div class=”minimal”>

    Line 227, Column 37: The first occurrence of ID shaon-pricing-table was here.
    <div id=”shaon-pricing-table”> <div class=”minimal”>

    Change those to classes, and it should validate just fine.

    I wonder whether these two issues are the cause of our Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 problems. Our pricing table is blue, with white pricing text. Renders beautifully in proper browsers on proper operating systems. But IE on Windows is proving difficult because the pricing boxes turn green, even though there’s no green in the stylesheets or used anywhere on the site, and the pricing text is grey. Grey on green is almost impossible to read. See it in action here. Blue it should be, green it should not.

    If you have any idea on this, I’d very much welcome your feedback. And if this validates, it would be an even better plugin, thanks!

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