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    I have carefully copied & pasted the Text part of the labels into my csv as the headers for each field, but I am getting “invalid header” errors– without any further info. (It looks like the errors should be listed, but they aren’t).

    I also tried putting the ID # of the field as part of the header (“1 Name”), but that got invalid headers for all– and they were listed below the error message.

    What’s the secret to getting valid headers?

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    Hm, send me a sample of your csv file, also export the form you are trying to import into so I can see what may be going on. Please also remember to be careful with some of the non-standard fields, I’ve listed which fields are able to be used with my plugin. Please email me through my contact form at so I can more easily track who you are during replies.

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    I just looked more closely at the instructions for the csv.

    I did not have a space between the text and the commas…. I had firstname, lastname, not firstname , lastname.

    Can that have thrown the error I described? I’ll concatenate my data again with ” , ” between each piece of data in a combined field and try again….

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    Well, that didn’t work either! Still getting invalid headers error.

    Prepping files to email you.

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    This response is for documentation:

    The structure of the csv file is problematic for a lot of people. Here is an explanation of how to properly structure your csv file to work optimally with this plugin:

    It’s really very simple. If I have three fields Name, Email, Address Then I have to list them on the first line by their titles, separated by commas:


    I don’t typically use spaces after the commas in the final product but you can.

    Then I put double quotes around each field:


    The same goes for the actual values. The only thing to remember and take note of is the structure of the various fields. For instance the address field is made up of 6 sections: address 1, address 2, city, state, zip, country and if a field is not to be populated you still have to keep the commas. So a good way to keep track of this is to begin with your double quotes for the first row of entries beneath the header:


    This is the root structure for an entry. If an entry is left blank, you still need this structure. For instance If Name and Address were populated but email was not, you would do this:

    “{Name here}”,””,”{Address here}”

    So, then to make sure you have the structures correct you would go from the root to the structure:

    “{F Name},{L Name}”,”{Val}”,”{address 1,address 2,city,state,zip,country}”

    This is the basic structure of your first row. Now just fill in the blanks and remove the {} after your done doing so. Let’s fill in the name field:

    “Aryan,Duntley”,”{Val}”,”{address 1, address 2, city, state, zip, country}”

    Now, lets fill in the email:

    “Aryan,Duntley”,””,”{address 1,address 2,city,state,zip,country}”

    Now let’s fill in the address, but we’ll not include a zip code or a country. To do this we would fill in the address like so:

    “Aryan,Duntley”,””,”123 fake street,appt #2,San Diego,CA,zip,country”

    Now, we still have zip and country place holder text in there so we will remove those, making sure the commas stay in place:

    “Aryan,Duntley”,””,”123 fake street,appt #2,San Diego,CA,,”

    This would be our first row entry after the headers:

    “Aryan,Duntley”,””,”123 fake street,appt #2,San Diego,CA,,”

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