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    Hi all,

    I’ve done some searching through the forums and have not found something helpful to my issue. I’ve just recently installed WP 2.5.1, and I installed the Qwilm! theme as well. The only modifications that I made to the theme were to add a header image and to create a separate template page for one Page that I needed to work a little differently. The rest of the theme was left untouched.

    Today I decided to test how comments appear on the site, so I commented. When I hit the Submit button, the following error flashed very briefly above the comment box: “Invalid data. Please go back and try again.” Then the message disappeared, and an error was displayed regarding Gravatars not being available. I went to the comments template and deleted the <div> for the Gravatar, but left everything else untouched.

    Now we come to my real problem (I’m sorry for the run-around, I just want to provide as thorough info. as I can!). I tried to comment again. The same flashing message appeared, but when it disappeared, in place of the comments area appeared my list of Pages, with the comments form below it! I clicked on the heading of the post to refresh it, and there was my comment, pretty as ever. I have now done this a couple of times more, always with the same result.

    Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Since I made no other modifications to the comments code, I assumed it would work without a hitch. Please try your hand at it if you wish:

    I appreciate your help! I have already tried to find help through the individual theme creator’s website, but it is no longer available.

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  • After reading the comments on the theme’s homepage, I learned that I’m not the only one having an issue with this. I followed what two posters suggested and replaced the comments.php with the comments.php from the Default theme. Though it is not fixed entirely (I am still getting the flashing error message), it no longer displays my list of Pages.

    I’m interested in trying Comment #5’s fix…Anyone know where I should insert that on the comments page?

    It looks like my Invalid Data error was being caused by my Moojax Comment plugin I was using. I just made this plugin inactive, and now I don’t get the error. Hope this helps anyone in the future.

    I was having this same issue. My issue was caused by the “WP Captcha Free” plugin. When I disabled this plug-in, I was able to comment on a post.

    When I first installed this plug-in, I tested and things worked fine, however, since then I have installed lots of other plugins, so I am thinking that something clashed.

    I think its a good idea, if you see this error, leave a comment of what you found fixed it so others can see as well!

    Hi, same stuff: I’ve disabled WP Captcha Free and it works!

    Thanks to all, I am running WP 2.5.1 and got the error message: “Invalid data error” when commenting. Disabling WP-Capcha Free corrected my problem.

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