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  • hatchb4ck


    For the options “Latest Comic Page” and “Comic Archive Page”, the following error is displayed:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ***system file path***/wp-content/plugins/mangapress/src/Options/Fields/Types/Select.php on line 61

    The drop down lists for both are still present and appear to “save” settings but I don’t believe the archive functionality is working….

    WordPress: 5.3.2
    Manga+Press: 4.0.0 RC3
    Theme: twenty nineteen, per Manga+Press documentation.

    Side note: So far I think the plugin is great. Hoping these warnings can be resolved or ignored as I continue to work out the stylings of the site.

    Thanks for reviewing….

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  • Plugin Author Jess


    @hatchb4ck Thanks for letting me know! I should have some free time this weekend to dig into the issue.

    Plugin Author Jess


    Hi @hatchb4ck, I can’t reproduce this so I’ll need some additional information:

    What PHP version are you using?

    A url to the archive page itself.

    Which archive page settings are you using?


    Hey @ardathksheyna, thanks for diving into this issue.
    Just a quick reminder, those errors are displayed on the Manga+Press Options -> Basic Options tab.

    The PHP version is 7.2

    Archive page

    I only have dummy pages out there currently to work out some design/css ideas

    The archive settings are:
    Comic Archive Page Style == Gallery
    Archive Page Comic Order == DESC
    Archive Page Comic Order By == Order by date

    Plugin Author Jess


    Basically, we’ve got two issues going on: with the option page, and then with the archive page.

    Right now, I still can’t reproduce the error but I may have an idea of what is causing the problem–it’s likely the drop-down grouping by post-type. That addition caused me a lot of issues in initial development, one of which was a problematic “invalid foreach” error that seemed to randomly crop up. I’m going to remove that with the next RC version if it’s causing other users problems. On that note: do you have any Comic Pages (new post-type added in this version) created?

    I looked at your archive page, and compared with the settings you provided in my environment–it’s working as expected. Basically, it’s hard to tell if ordering is working properly because your comic posts all have the same date.

    Side-note: if you want to get rid of the default styling for the gallery, there’s a filter that you can override like so:
    add_filter('mangapress_archive_gallery_style', '__return_empty_string');

    Thanks for the additional information!

    *** Just uploaded another demo image. The sorting on the “Archive” page looks correct.

    I think I may not be understanding the distinction between “Comics” and “Comic Pages” in Manga+Press.

    The setup documentation indicated that I create “Latest Comic” and “Comic Archive” pages of the “Comic Page Type”.

    There was no drop down, so I assumed that creating them as new “Comic Pages” was the correct way to go.

    Following this, I posted my individual “demo” comic images via “Add New” under “Comics” in the dashboard.

    As of now, I view “Comics” as the individual image files and “Comic Pages” from the perspective of a wordpress page.

    If I have this reversed or misunderstood somehow, please correct me. I wouldn’t want to get too much farther only to find out I have it messed up.

    Thanks again.

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