• NaomiLiz


    The interface is intuitive and this has the potential to be a great plugin, but it’s so incredibly slow and buggy. Sometimes it takes me a solid 30-40 seconds to simply move a slide to another position – just one example of many things that should be quick and easy, but take FOREVER. I love being able to create web stories in this easy format (4-5 stars for that), but the user experience makes it extremely painful (2 stars for the slowness). I am sure I could create these 2 – 3x as fast if it weren’t for how glitchy the plugin is.

    All that said, I’m continuing to use it as I don’t know of a better alternative, and I would absolutely LOVE to update this to a 5 star review eventually if they can streamline and speed things up (significantly).

    Please, Google. Help us out.

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