• This plugin, while COULD be cool, is so intrusive, I would never use it. The intrusiveness of this plugin makes it impossible for professionals to use. I can’t even see this being used for the non professional blogger, its so intrusive, with its copyright notice and huge bulky spam-like looking sign-up notification. IF YOU REMOVED THE COPYRIGHT (right smack in the bottom middle of EVERY PAGE – copyright is possible to be put in other non-conspicuous areas), and REMOVED THE HUGE BULKY SIGN-UP BANNER ACROSS THE TOP, (which looks horribly spammy and confusing, whether or not it actually is spammy..I might actually use it.

    There are other ways to add your copyright without being a *bleep about it. I understand you want everyone in the world to know YOU created it, but geeze…..how bout putting it in the code, or even a SMALL notice next to each highlighted repost. But you had to make it HUGE in the exact place most website owners put their own copyright???? On every visible page with huge margins around it? I have many very professional sites and this is tacky in my opinion, and NOT the way to get known. This is PROBABLY THE REASON ROOH.it IS NOT SPREADING LIKE THE WILDFIRE YOU ASSUMED. While the functionality MAY be there, you kill it with all that other stuff. That copyright alone, on the bottom of my site broke my theme, AND I had to deactivate the Instant Highlighter, and Auto publisher. The Instant Highlighter, TOTALLY and COMPLETELY REMOVED my jetpack added CSS……..!!! And I forgot to mention just activating the plugin, broke my WP dashboard Plugin page CSS…..

    Overall, keep at it, could prove to be a good and useful plugin in the future with a few necessary changes. Big A+ for effort. TC. JT

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