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  • After suggesting in a support post that the author does not make intrusive adware messages appear in admin screens, the author seems to insist that he will continue to do so, but with a clear dismiss button.

    So the author is open to suggestions.

    In any case, this plugin is one of the best available.

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  • Plugin Author dFactory


    Thank you.
    Have a nice day.

    the dfactory Team

    Saying “Thank you” and “Have a nice day” to a 1 star negative review I find to be clearly sarcastic.

    Please note:

    I have expressed my concern first in an issue post before making this review
    I gave you the opportunity to respond
    I pointed out the options that users will have
    I have always been polite and not sarcastic in anyway

    I could not have done any of the above, and instead left a more harsh review like the review by By intyuh, August 28, 2015 for WP 4.3 of the same title:

    By intyuh, August 28, 2015 for WP 4.3

    I noticed this “ad” at the top of my admin pages after the latest update. I don’t mind the occasional advertisement, so I just ignored it. Until I realised that it wasn’t going away. It’s been a few days, and it’s still there, on all my admin pages !

    I had to actually click on the ad’s link to make it go away. Imagine for one second every addon author doing this. I really hate such intrusive behavior.

    Anyway, your addon has be uninstalled, and you’ve earned your place in my “never again” author list.

    I choose to be friendly and polite and I would appreciate it if you would be the same way to your users.

    Plugin Author dFactory


    I think you didn’t understand my idea here.

    I clearly responded with something positive to a mean review. Nothing more.

    You don’t care about my point of view and the work we (as dfactory) are doing for the community? – ok, but don’t force me to put any energy into the pointless discussion.

    Make love, not war.

    Ok then, have a nice day.

    It’s easy to complain when all you’re doing is using someone else’s work. Try contributing to the open source community first, and then you can talk 😉

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    If someone feels like they’ve had a 1 star experience then they have the right to rate that plugin 1 star. The rating is just a way of quantifying that person’s experience. This has nothing to do with contributing to the community.

    Camu I really feel you are starting to stalk me.

    All I have done is expressed my opinion that I do not like intrusive advertising, and that there are other ways to make money.

    I have not put down any aspect of you – I have not even rated your plugin or made comments about your plugin. This is dFactory’s plugin.

    And you have taken my opinion and exagerated that into statmements like:

    Being a plugin developer is a thankless job. People want to use your code free of charge, they want it to be perfect, and they get annoyed pretty easily when you place ads or other messages. “How dare you put dirt on my admin” they will admonish you. And yet, like everyone else, plugin developers need to bring food to the table at night. And spend countless hours perfecting their code, because the spirit of open source guides them. But nobody thanks them for that. Oh well…

    It’s easy to complain when all you’re doing is using someone else’s work.

    Try contributing to the open source community first, and then you can talk

    You all mention GPL, open source and the likes, but then you apply those concepts only when it’s convenient to support your thinking. Rules work both ways, my friends.

    You even came across to this post when I unsubscribed from the other, just to make another statement?

    You seem to be very frustrated – I don’t think you would make these statments simply because I expressed some opinions, if you have not had other frustrating experiences in general and I am sorry if you feel that way.

    But please, please don’t take it out on me, leave me alone.


    You seem to be very frustrated

    Just like you’re free to express your opinion, I assume I’m allowed to do the same without being labeled as a “frustrated” developer. I never insulted you, so it would be nice if you used the same courtesy to me. Here I’m just siding with a fellow developer because I believe he hasn’t done anything wrong. AM I ALLOWED TO EXPRESS MY OPINION OR NOT?


    @dfactory @camu After having some time to think over our discussions above, I thought it would be best not to leave things on such a negative note.

    Regardless of minor things like admin notices, what is most important is the quality of the plugin.

    As a way to show this, I have changed my review and changed the rating from a 1 to a 4.

    Thank you for making such a great plugin.

    Plugin Author dFactory


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