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    Hi Paul,
    sorry for bother you again but I’m trying to merge the functions that I need for the site that I’m building with the functions of your plugin (…that at the moment it’s my first choice).

    In the actual blog usually we wrote some intro text before the recipe. Sometimes it’s just a description, sometimes some story about how the recipe was born or just a description on when and with whom we cooked it. If you want to see an example:

    Now that we are starting a professional service in the world of pastry I would like to have the blog integrated with the institutional website and at the same time I would like that the recipes have more information (such as nutritional values??, allergens, etc.) with the support of metadata that significantly improve the SEO aspect.

    I’ll tell you this just to let you know how we managed to date the recipes and what we would do in the future 😉

    It’s clear to me that with the pro version of the plugin I can manage recipes that have each categories with a link to the list of recipes on that specific category. The functionality to link the ingredients, that’s already in the roadmap, it’s also very interesting.

    I also saw that I can include the recipe in a blog post and also this is interesting and could solve my problem of an introductory text. What it’s not clear to me is how to share two things.

    I try to explain better: if I post a recipe “Cake X” and then I create a post with the introductory text, first of all, in fact I duplicate a part of the same content… which will have two permalink: one with recipe only and one with the introduction .

    If I then post another recipe “Cake Y” which has the same category of “Cake X” , when a user clicks on the category will also find “Cake Y” , but clicking on it will open the permalink of the recipe alone… in fact losing the introduction.
    In addition, I risk to having redundant categories between posts and recipes.

    I wonder how do the two things… I realize that probably a lot of this kind of behavior is fine and certainly do not want to impose my needs. But I wonder, might make sense to put the ability to insert an introductory text (and perhaps also one at the bottom of the recipe) so that I can insert arbitrary text before the recipe?

    I know there is the “notes” field and I can also move it at the beginning, but that’s a very convenient field for notes on the recipe and it makes sense that is located at the end.

    The ideal for me would be :

    1 . Introductory text
    2 . Recipe box exactly as it’s now
    3 . Completion text

    I would like to know what you think, and possibly what other users of this plugin think about this.

    I hope I was able to express myself properly, my English is not so good 😉

    Thanks again for the great work you do! I also appreciate the rapidity with which very responsive on the support forum , it’s really frustrating when I see plugin abandoned by the authors…


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  • Plugin Author TechboyUK


    Hi Fabio,

    > nutritional values??, allergens

    The premium version of the plugins supports this.

    we haven’t included schema metadata for nutritional information yet. I’ve just looked it up and it does exist, so I will add that. doesn’t seem to have allergy/intolerance metadata.

    > 1 . Introductory text
    > 2 . Recipe box exactly as it’s now
    > 3 . Completion text

    For this, you just need to always add the recipe into a blog post, with the texts (1 and 3) before and after it. Also, you will need to ensure that this option is not ticked:

    – WordPress Dashboard
    – GetMeCooking Settings
    – Premium Settings
    – Include recipes that are not in blog posts / pages



    Hi Paul,
    thanks for your answer but if I create a post I duplicate the recipe and when a visitor click on the link of a category page, he reach the recipe without the intro.

    Just an example from your website:
    in this post: there is an intro text and then the recipe.
    But if I click on “Vegetarian” and then I click back to “Choccolate Banana Fools“, I reach the recipe without the intro text.

    From what I understand there is no way in the category pages to link the post instead of the recipe, is it correct?

    To be clear, I’m not saying that this is wrong, just that it’s not the behaviour that I’m expecting. Probably other users prefere to link the recipe without the intro.

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author TechboyUK


    Hi Fabio,

    That’s because on our demo site we have this option selected:

    – Include recipes that are not in blog posts / pages

    With it off, the user will be linked to the first blog post that contained the recipe. We may later add to this functionality, to give the user the choice of selecting which blog post (containing the recipe) they want to go to.

    I have temporarily de-selected the option on our demo site so you cans see it in action:

    Recipe Index



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