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  • Alaric


    Hi there,
    For those not in the know, InterWiki is a mechanism supported in some Wikis where one can specify (in a configuration file for the site) a list of other wikis, and how to build the URL for a word on that wiki. Eg, “*TERM WITH SPACES REPLACED BY UNDERSCORES*”.
    I’m finding myself linking to Wikipedia, and to my own site that (although not a wiki) has pages defining terms following a regular structure, and I’d quite like to be able to write:
    …to get:
    …in the output.
    I reckon this could generally coexist with Markdown and the like, too.
    So I’m planning to write a plugin to do this. However, I’m not sure how best to allow the user to configure the thing, definining their favourite mappings. Do I just expect them to edit the plugin, and have a well-commented array at the top definining the mappings? Or should I make the plugin open a .csv file somehow and read that? Or look in the database, and then have to write an admin interface for it? Can such an admin interface tie seamlessly into WordPress’ own admin screens?

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  • cookiepuss


    I was going to recommend this myself but saw this post in a search. Why not just have it as you would a normal link made in the Admin section? So I highlight a term and there is a pop-up asking what term I wishh to link it to in Wikipedia? Or else just hhave it make a link to the highlighted term?
    I think the wikipedia one would be better than interwiki integration. . .



    Well, wikipedia linking is but one use of interwiki integration 😉
    I’ve made my plugin. I’ve just got to tidy it up and give it a little site of its own, then I’ll make it available to the unwashed masses, with a sample configuration file that lets you like to Wikipedia, to RFCs by number, and to any other sites I can think of (I’m using it to link to Wikipedia and my own site for my project right now).

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