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    Posted: Mar 17, 2004 15:43:41 #
    Glad you were willing to share your thoughts here, Marla, for several reasons. One is that I am doing now, as of Monday, a series of stories in which WP, forums, and notions of community and ownership, participation et al, will figure in prominently, and I’d like to talk with you some more. Please email me at when you have a moment if you’re interested. Likewise, anyone else who feels that they may have contributions of worth to make and/or may recommend or themselves make a good interview candidate (the key interviews are already lined-up).

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  • Where is this posted? Who is doing this? What is this for? Why are they doing it? When will this be completed?
    Where are all the nekkid volleyball players??? 🙁

    PegIdt: I get a feeling we may not get to see your article. I am just wondering what your starting point and context is going to be. For my money a forum which has among it’s purposes and goals inter alia the development and hacking of open source software (what might be termed “bleeding edge” software at that) might well function in a different way to a forum for discussing say, art or indeed literature. That may be very disconcerting to a person who comes to the forum for another, but completely different purpose; ie to get support on the basics. It can be an uncomfortable mix for all concerned. Few people would not agree that Word Press is shaping up to be a world beating piece of software. It is a privilege to be anywhere near it. A few misplaced rants, over sensitive responses, or even rudeness, really in the scale of the thing are IMHO unimportant. The one thing that Matt and co really can not do; no matter what their intentions; is to cater for the desire (fully understandable) on behalf of some people to use the software when in truth their existing skill set may not be quite developed fully enough to deal with the limited technical demands that are going to be placed on them. My Granny still can’t use a computer, but I don’t blame Bill Gates or the folks who use his products. Nor does she.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    But, if these forums were to be compared and contrasted to forums that supported something more mature (as in age not attitude) 🙂 ) then could it not be valuable ?
    While some things “in the scale of the thing” may be unimportant, do they not matter a lot to the persons concerned ? After all, to provoke such a reaction says something about the person venting, and to be on the recieving end of what could be percieved as something hurtful cannot be pleasant at times. I’d guess most of us have been there at some point.
    And does it not add to any ‘Community’ discussion, but also demonstrates that nowadays we can belong to many different communities, on several levels ?
    For instance, on PHP I’m clueless, but a dev here has the knowledge.
    That dev may need information on bodyart, and I can help on that.
    It doesn’t mean we can’t both belong to each other’s communities, but we participate on different levels, have different attitudes, can contribute from differing perspectives.

    Um, the link to your profile is still missing, so how do you expect people to know your email address?

    email: <> I asked that anyone who was interested or felt they might have a worthwhile contribution to please email me. I also said that key interviews are lined up, and that includes Matt. It is a waste of time to try to dissuade me from writing anything here or anywhere else — even if this hadn’t been in the works a long time, even if I hadn’t already accepted the assignment, even if Matt didn’t wish to be interviewed, if I wanted to write about WP, I would: this is America. Likewise, individuals are free to decide if they would like to see if they might be involved or not. (I might add that several have already, and it is nice to know that not everyone fears thinking or fears others’ thinking.) You’re unhappy with what’s published, what’s to stop you from writing your own story?

    I’m glad to see that you are doing this. Hope you have some fun with it and I’m looking forward to reading it all. As for Will, well, just ignore him…I think he sat on a thorn once and it’s still bugging him! :p Sorry, Will…couldn’t resist. You may now respond as you may! 🙂
    Oh, Peg, one point, this is not just the US; this is Canada, Ireland, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Wales, France, England, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway, The Philippines, Belgium, Scotland, Russia, Denmark, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil, China, Switzerland and Vietnam. At least, that was the list here when it was last updated. 🙂

    Yeah, hope it goes well for you. Forcing people to guess your email address should weed out most of the trolls. 🙂

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