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  • Hi there,
    I made the mistake of adding some content to my site with IE not Firefox and now it has made all the fonts too big. Can somebody please let me know what needs to be done, I’m sure its a CSS thing or whatever but i’m no expert in that department.. the site is The first post is as it should be then it goes Pete Tong. Help desperately requested!!

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  • you have to copy the post’s content from the page and paste it to a notepad.
    then copy the whole thing from the notepad, and paste it to the edit post screen within wordpress admin.

    i think it will solve all the issues.


    If you only used MSIE, it’s a mystery. It rather seems as if you copied the text from some other source into the post editor. The editor should work equally good in any browser.
    What you have in that post is a lot of <font size="3"></font><font size="3"></font> etc.
    Some of the font tags must must miss the end tag.

    You could open that post in the (X)HTML editor of WordPress and clean out all font tags, of course, but I think an easier way would be to copy content.

    I suggest the following route:
    1. Copy the post text from your webpage into a plain text editor. If you use Windows, Notepad is good enough.
    ( Check that you have no HTML tags, just the text. )
    2. Delete the post from your Dashboard Manage Posts.
    3. Go to Write/Post and copy the plain test from your text editor. Insert linefeeds if nescassary.
    4. Publish your redesigned post.

    Thankyou for your help, just a quick question, will that make the blogged by… and category etc appear small again? Can anyone suggest why this happened? It has backdated it to all of my previous posts, not just the one I was working on…
    Thanks again..

    Actually I have checked and I think the problem is bigger than that, like I said it has changed all of the previous posts including the blogged by… and date etc to a larger font. Can you suggest anything to remedy that, in fact, can you confirm that that is how it is being displayed in your browser? The post that you are referring to was done in Word so I can see how to fix that problem..

    Seems like you solved the problem of too big fonts on blogged by.. and date. At leas in my browser MSIE on Windows, the font is rather small. It’s readable though with some effort 🙂

    And please – don’t ever copy anything other than plain text into your Write/Post widget. You’ll get all kinds of strange formatting if you do.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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