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  • Hi,
    ive just been notified of a problem by a user of my site which i have tried to pin down.
    when using internet explorer which has the google toolbar and google toolbar helper add-on active. A link to a group member only page returns some kind of scripting text, which “appears” to relate to what is on the page.
    a hidden page of mine showing a list of the most recent posts returns
    linkTarget”:”_self”,”slideshowSpeed”:”4000″,”help”:””,”prevLinkTitle”:”previous image”,”nextLinkTitle”:”next image”,”closeTitle”:”close image gallery”,”image”:”Image “,”of”:” of “,”download”:”Download”,”pause”:”(pause slideshow)”,”play”:”(play slideshow)”}; /* ]]> */

    when logged in the 404 page loads fine and when google toolbar is diabled the 404 page loads fine – from chrome and firefox it loads fine too (although i guess they dont have toolbar add ons)

    any help in stopping this would would be appreciated.


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