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  • Does anybody know why this color doesn’t work with Internet Explorer, but it works with Firefox: #96c61b

    I’m using it for a header!


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  • What version IE are you talking about ? have you double checked to see that your stylesheet isn’t missing a ; or something. I know that there are a number of odd quirks in IE 7.0b (so i’ve uninstalled that from my main machine now), but up through 6.0 i’ve used color schemer studio to create color schemes for sites for a while now and have not come across a color that doesn’t work in any popular modern browser. Normally it’s a coding error on my part.


    IE 7 is handeling the CSS colors better then the previous versions. The whole CSS support in IE 7 is better by the way.

    Could you show your uri?

    This is the url (language is norwegian):

    Thanks for helping out

    It is not really IE, it will likely be a monitor and that colour might look great on lcd, but terrible on a crt monitor.

    96c61b is a bit like a lime green (I looked in photoshop)

    I’ve not noticed IE or firefox or opera or other browsers I’ve used showing different colours unless it is a css fluke whereby an element is given a colour in one browswer and different in another.

    I’ve seen websites that look ‘cool’ on a LCD look like a real mess on the crt.

    A couple of notes —

    mattisn – I’ll get back to you on the color specific issue with your site this evening, I’ll have a chance a bit later to take a closer look at the problem.

    IE 7 – Yes, I have noted that the CSS support in IE 7.0b is in general outstanding, and in close alignment with w3c standards, there are a couple of positioning/rendering “quirks” at the moment though which are only specific to that version, in otherwords, i’ve done some development using that browser to check for IE and everything was just great, but was horrid in all other browsers, including IE 6, I’ve had a bit of discussion with MS on this issue, and I’m quite sure that it’s just a “beta” type problem and will be resolved by the final release version.

    CRT/LCD – That can be/is a HUGE factor in terms of color rendering. I do a fair amount of development on my laptop, and have noticed from time to time that I’ll get something looking really great with certain colors/color groups, but find later that when displayed on a CRT the same colors are really gross looking. I have a tendancy to use colors other than just those which are considered “browser safe” or “web safe” since both of those groups of colors were really meant to address MUCH older versions of internet browsers/monitors/video cards, all of the equipment hardware wise from at least the past 6 or so years can handle colors well beyond the range of browser/web safe palletes. Likewise, “modern” browsers should have no trouble with any color that I’m aware of, although I have seen some browser quirks when using “shorthand” or “named” colors, instead of complete hex numbers.

    Would you mind to try #99CC33 ? Its very simular to the color you want.

    I tried using #99CC33 and it still doesn’t work. The color shows of as black in IE, perhaps there is something wrong with my coding?

    here is the link to the site:

    Thanks alot guys, great to get help so quickly:)

    You’ve got quite a few errors in your markup – you might try validating your page and fixing the errors that come up. It may help the situation.

    You also have errors in your CSS file:

    1) Why do you have “charset:utf8” in your body style? That so does not belong there.

    2) you have two colors set in your H1 tag – you only need one. The second one also reads like this: “color: 96c61b;” – you’re missing your hashmark. (#96c61b)

    3) you have undefined tags in your code – “nyheter” (which is also using a color with no hashmark)

    4) “border-right:on” is totally invalid. (In your #header). It should be something like “border-right: 1px solid #000;”

    Hope that gets you started!

    thanks alot doodlebee, just fixed many of the errors you told me about!

    Do you guys see the lime-green or do you get just black and white? I’m still not able to get that green color in IE, I must be stupid:)

    It has notting to do with beeing stupid! It is not always that easy. I remenber I had ones a simular problem, and that was becaause one mistyp in my CSS.

    I had a little bit of time to take a look at both the html page and the css sheet, and as others have mentioned, — coding errors/typos –.

    Stylesheet – in a number of places either the # for and ID or the . for a class were left out. Those were the major things I noticed, i also cleaned it up a bit so that each browser should render it similarly.

    HTML — I’m not sure what you were using tags like <quote> or <nyheter> or <date> for, but I turn them into span/class elements.

    Take a look at for the page and for the stylesheet, There are still problems which I don’t have the time to look into, so the pages do not yet render the same in each browser, but it’s a start.

    couple of other notes, the meta tags in the html header had misplaced " marks and in some cases ; instead of ", I fixed those as well.

    You’ve still got some work to do.

    I like to use TopStyle Pro for editing/creating stylesheets, and any good HTML editor which color codes the syntax should be fine for catching these types of errors. Also take a look at something like SimpleTidy for windows which runs your html through Tidy for checking/cleaning up html errors, etc.


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