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[Resolved] Internet Explorer messes up my theme sidebar

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  • Samuel B


    Some of these will generally whack IE:

    In general, edit your posts one at a time looking for something too wide for the post container – i.e. image, long uri, etc. – or bad code in the post; like from c & ping from Word or Office.

    just curious do more people use firefox or internet explorer like what are the percentages does anyone know?

    Samuel B


    Depends on your audience. As a general rule IE is more heavily used.
    On one of my sites it’s about 77% – just a general opinion site.
    On a semi-tech site Ie is only about 53%.

    dang that means im gonna have to make this a priority to fix this… lol

    i still dont know what to do ughh

    In Netscape you see … nothing (e. header).

    ughhh all these problems arising that im too stupid to know how to fix

    i think i understand what i have to do, i have to fix all 62 problems from that link for the validation???

    im lost i feel so utterly stupid

    I am VERY noob when it comes to this coding and I need a guiding hand to help me resolve this. Can anyone help me im very dumb and dont know what to do :((((

    When I click the About Me Page the sidebar is in the correct place, so does that mean one of my posts on the main page is causing the problem?

    i fixed it THANK YOU all for ur help!!!


    I would start looking at your theme-files. There are a lot of div’s everywhere and I think it is possible you have missed a </div> somewhere. The problem evidently does not exist in your page.php-file.

    A good idea would be to try to clean up your code a bit. There are quite a few unneccesary div’s and you should try to fix all the errors so that it validates correctly (make all the tags lowercase is a start).

    I hope this helps…

    [posted this while you posted your answer]

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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