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  • I don’t have access to Internet Explorer, but I can see on that there are problems with some versions (not all).

    Are you using real IE PCs or using a rendering service?

    Specifically, testing at, I got:
    – IE 8: wraps the navbar below the logo and duplicates the tagline
    – IE 9: wraps the navbar below the logo and shows the menu vertically, starting next to the tagline. All rather messy.
    – IE 10: wraps the navbar below the logo, but everything else is fine.
    – IE 11: wraps navbar below log and centres logo. Everything else fine.

    All a bit strange, because it used to work fine with most versions of IE. I’ll send the screenshots from netrenderer to nikeo.

    Does anyone else have access to real browsers and can give us confirmation of these findings?

    yep, I have IE9… Is it maybe becouse of added widget after the navbar ? hm

    No; it’s not related to your child theme. I should have said that the testing that I did was all on, which should be a clean(ish) install. I saw similar things on your site, but didn’t take screenshots.

    Can you confirm that my web-rendered IE9 description matches your real-browser IE9?

    yes, it is the same…

    also it shows contact form in header different as Chrome or firefox…
    It should be all in one row but it is not in IE

    I’ve alerted nikeo. It’s high priority for the next release that he’ll work on (too late for 3.1.8, which is currently in review).

    I was reading old topics where he said he will give a option in a new update for slider resizing… It was year ago… Could you ask him if he can work on it ? 🙂 Slider is tooo big hehe

    There’s CSS for making the slider smaller.

    I remember he promised to make the slider crop from both top and bottom and he delivered on that.

    We have a steady stream of improvements; I don’t think we should push our luck…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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