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  • I just spent the better part of a week making an awsome site that looks beautiful in firefox and opra but low and behold i went to check it at work and realized that its compleatly messed up on internet explorer. The blog images are about 2px to the left and my navi bar is at the bottom of the posts. Not to mention the navi bar slides but freaks out and keeps everything open. I was wondeing if their was something wacko cuz i cant find it. if you need a txt file of my pages to help find the problem i can make some up. thanks!

    Oh and my css div’s are all set correctly with no extra pixles. (total 987px wide) usually thats the problem but not today

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  • Fix the validation errors, that may trim back some problems.

    I’m biased, but I see 2 ways to address it:

    1) Don’t support <=IE6 (IE 7 reportedly will drag itself somewhat into this century and have less ‘issues’).

    2) Use the M$ recommended conditional comments to load a separate css file tuned for IE <=6.

    Take a gander at:

    Good looking blog, BTW.




    there is a beta developer toolbar for ie available :

    It does NOT have the full functionality that firefox’s does, but it will allow you to outline divs, images, you get a better grip on what ie is seeing.

    Just for starters, from what I can tell just by a quick look, using ie and that toolbar, your right sidebar and the middle content are slightly overlapped.

    Firefox is FAR FAR more forgiving of that issue than ie is.

    Hey thanks guys.

    I spent the last like 4 hours fixing validation errors. i ALWAYS forget xml uses ‘br/’ instead of the regualr ‘br’. Every now and then when i fight it out with html to make it display were i want i sometimes cheat and use a table but xhtml strict doesnt like that but also dosnt like ‘div align=left’ so what am i suppota use?? (i cheated and put in 35 nbps’s lol)

    My 2nd biggest mistake is i was looking at ever php file as a seperate entity so all the div’s i had in that file i made sure were ended. i neglected to look at the header/index/sidbar/footer as a whole. Fixed that one up and now my page displays pretty ok in IE

    Pretty much the main problem now is some of my css and javascript isnt working. If my sidebar stays open all the time only in IE im not really worried but the whole theme is aligned to the left instead of center.

    I have no idea what to do with IE hacks as this is the first time i have done a full blowen coded page such as this. any good examples on how to use them??

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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