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  • My website looks like a disaster on Internet Explorer…..

    The main issue is that the navigation bar seems to be nonexistent. Pretty big issue, that.

    The pages look like crap as well, but I assume whatever is causing the above issue might be related.

    My website is

    I use Firefox and everything is fine there. I have not checked with Chrome or any other browsers(besides IE).

    Can anyone tell me where to even begin?

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    IE 10 and Chrome look the same [edit] as FF.

    You have code above the DOCTYPE – IE hates that:

    <meta name="p:domain_verify" content="0916f8ad5ea7a497af60220fcd76fe93" />
    <!DOCTYPE html>

    You can find other code problems by validating your pages – IE is fussy as heck:

    Thanks for the response.

    One thing, the person who reported that IE horror was on IE 9. I assume my version is 9 or less, since I don’t use it.

    So – you are saying my site looks like trash in Chrome as well?

    Moderator kmessinger


    No, I am saying in IE 10, FF 20.0.1 and Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m, your site all looks the same. I did not look at it in IE9.

    WPyogi – Thanks for that…. It says there are 18 errors and 31 warnings… and I have no clue what I am supposed to do about this(besides bang my head on a wall or cry. Or both.). The tech speak is beyond my comprehension.

    Start by removing the line of code above the DOCTYPE – that should NEVER be there. Where did that come from?

    Then see how your site looks. Not all “errors” are true errors and even some that are, won’t always be problematic.

    WPyogi- I appreciate your help, but am not sure where to look to find that.

    I am looking at the various template pages in the Editor, and….wandering lost.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    Possibly caused by a plugin?

    After first locating your menu buttons in Firefox, I can find them in XP/IE8 (as indicated by the change in my cursor size), but nothing actually displays. To get things working properly, you will likely need to find a Developer or other Coder who is able and willing to make things right across all browsers.

    I am still unable to figure out what is wrong. I have looked for “line above DOCTYPE” and haven’t the foggiest idea.

    As for hiring a developer – that is not going to happen. I have 425 cash to my name right now and am traveling cross country, stuck in Durango, CO. No money for gas, much less a professional to fix whatever screw up I inadvertently made which has rendered my site hideous to IE/

    Have you deactivated all your plugins? Try that first.

    And twentyeleven works fine in IE (unless you’ve modified it in ways that mess that up) – you should not need to do special coding.

    Moderator kmessinger


    The code above DOCTYPE is verification by Pinterest. You probably put this in yourself or maybe thru a plugin.

    Yes, I have deactivated all plugins.

    I have to wonder if when I recently tried to connect my site to a shopping venue called, which asked me to place a line of code if that is the problem. I have looked for that stupid line of code to remove it, but cannot find it.

    “The code above DOCTYPE is verification by Pinterest. You probably put this in yourself or maybe thru a plugin. “

    Thank you for this -and I HAVE tried to do that. But I am not sure where that would be – I don’t recognize anything that says Pinterest.

    I have gone into the Editor, and looked at the Header, which is where I would have probably put that( I have tried to find out via the Pinterest site where they had asked it to be placed, and cannot locate)
    Would it be the following code on the header?
    <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”0916f8ad5ea7a497af60220fcd76fe93″ />

    I am really not wanting to just go cutting stuff, even if I do save it, then test to see if it is fixed, and then put back if no change. Worried I WILL screw things up.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Yes. Remove that line of code.

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