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    I’m afraid I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to WordPress, but I’ve been running into an issue, and I’m at my wit’s end trying to solve it.

    Our organization created a simple WordPress site at, and while I’ve never run into any issues accessing it on Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer – we’ve been getting a repeated complain from a user that the website consistently crashes her browser.

    Now, this user is using Internet Explorer. Likely an earlier version. She’s at a health unit – and they tend to be rather locked down – but their IT guy said that the site crashed his own browser as well.

    I had actually tested it on Internet Explorer 8 previously and didn’t run into any issues, but since it was a repeated issue I went and installed IETester ( and discovered that while the site loaded fine in IE9, it would crash the IE8 tab when trying to access.

    Apparently, however, I can access the site if I disable javascript.

    I do apologize for my limitations in knowledge here, but I’d be eternally grateful if someone might be able to point me to where the issue may lay.

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  • esmi


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    I can access the site if I disable javascript.

    Then it sounds like there is a js problem in the theme. Your only options are to:
    – identify & fix the issue
    – load the js conditionally if the IE version is greater than 8
    – use another theme.

    Any hints to how I may be able to identify and fix the issue? Obviously whatever is causing the crashes is specific to how older versions of IE view the website, but I’d certainly prefer to avoid redesigning from the bottom up if at all possible.

    Moderator kmessinger


    I was all over it in IE7 and 8 and had no problems except for the background, which is rgba, not rgb dropping out in IE7 and 8. It is ok in 9.

    In addition to the above comments by esmi, you might want to check here,



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    I’d start by pulling out all of the js and then re-introducing it one script at a time to try and narrow down the field of investigation.

    I appreciate you checking on those previous versions of IE kmessinger. It does make me wonder why the IETester program is having an issue – as, like yourself, when I previously tested using those IE versions it seemed to be ok.

    I’ll see if I can find what specific js is causing it to cough up the site, though now I’m slightly worried that this IETester tool isn’t giving me accurate results.

    I believe I’ve found the culprit. A rogue piece of javascript – that wasn’t even being used by the site – seemed to be confusing IE. After renaming it, the IETester program immediately started to work. All the previous versions of IE pull up the page correctly.

    Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.



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    Glad to hear that you tracked the culprit down 🙂

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