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  • Hey Guys, I really have a big problem and I really need some awnsers please 😉

    I have just installed my new wordpress (WP 2.5.1) And Its runs great…
    But only for 2 days, after those days – When I navigate too my blog – It sais:

    “Internet explorer cannot open this internet site – – Operation Aborted “

    I’ve never had this problem before, Does someone know how to solve this?

    PS: I have tried to reinstall wordpress but with no luck. I mailed some guy who tried to install it right for me, with no luck.

    Maybe I just need to downgrade to the old WP ? :S

    Thanks guys, Thank you very much 😉

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  • Is there a smart guy who can help me please?




    it opens in IE, however you are immediately prompted to install some adobe flash thing, and when you say no, IE errors.

    How about instead of waiting for “a smart guy” to come along, you take the time to fix the validation errors — most of which are related to, not surprisingly, some flash crap.

    Just because you cannot open the front page, doesn’t mean you cannot fix those errors.

    1. There are other browsers.
    2. Issues with posts dont require to access the front page anyway, and Im fairly confident that IE opens this:

    just fine.

    Hey Thanks Whooami 😀 I think I understand now.
    But How do I fix those errors? Do I need to Go into my admin panel and change my theme coding? Or something?

    I’m sorry to ask this, But I’m a newbie in html and stuff 😉

    And yeah.. the wp-login works fine 😉


    Where Can I fix those errors? Do I need to navigate to my theme, and edit the stylesheet?

    Theme Files
    Comments (comments.php)
    Footer (footer.php)
    Theme Functions (functions.php)
    Header (header.php)
    Main Index Template (index.php)
    Page Template (page.php)
    Search Form (searchform.php)
    Sidebar (sidebar.php)
    Single Post (single.php)
    Stylesheet (style.css)

    Like this?
    Or is there another way?




    look at the link i provided. It tells you where the errors are. If this is your blog, then surely you can tel by looking at it, if the flash embedding is inside posts???

    If it is, edit the posts.

    There is no flash in my posts. But I don’t understand where I can edit the codex of the page.

    Example: If you have a normal website; You have an index.html
    If there is an error – You just search it and change it. Then you save your index again and upload it.

    How does this work with wordrpess?

    Thanks mate, for helping me 😉




    There is no flash in my posts.

    yes, There is.

    there are 2 embedded youtube videos in that post alone. and that post is also showing up on the front page.

    This is very basic stuff.

    Ow, Alright, So… WordPress can’t handle some youtube player I have posted?

    Hmmmm, Alright. I will check it out. Thank you 😉

    ps: If I still want to fix those errors. How do I edit my Css etc?

    Thanks 😀

    I’ve Checked my posts and deleted the youtube embed player. If I navigate too the post it workes fine. But when I want to see the homepage, it still crashes.

    I think my design has a problem with ALL the youtube players :S
    But I really don’t want to delete all those embed players, thats just what my blog is about…

    Any Ideas?

    (Thanks for helping again :D)


    I hope someone can help, I don’t want to lose all of my visitors 😉



    I have the same problem until yesterday. Now it’s fixed. The probleme was the LightBox2 plugins+theme is not support with Internet Explorer. Now I use a older version of this plugins and it work well.
    If you want this plugin, just visit my page and send me a mail

    Lightbox was the issue here, disabled it and all’s well.

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