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  • I love the JQ theme! Have been using it on our church website ( for a few weeks. However, we are experiencing a problem.

    Often (but not every time) in Internet Explorer, there is a message “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. This happens on multiple computers with different users. When I click on Diagnose the problem, Windows does not find any problems, then when I click on “close” – our website goes ahead and loads just fine?

    I have followed WordPress instructions for deleting older versions and updating to the lastest version of WordPress. has investigated the problem and insists it is NOT a hosting problem.

    Does anyone know what might be the problem? Please help – this is driving me crazy and reflecting very poorly on my church. Is there any way it is related to the JQ template?

    Thanks for any response!

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  • Difficult to know for sure, but I would suggest cleaning up the code a bit. There are some Validation errors that could be part of the problem.

    Cleaned up the code – that did NOT help the problem of the website often not displaying. Thanks for the idea though and the tip for cleaning up the code.

    Any other ideas?

    In addition, when this problem occurs the login page at will also NOT display.

    Not sure if this is important, just trying to include as much information as possible.

    I decided to switch themes just to see if the JQ theme is causing the problem – the problem still happens so it is NOT the theme!

    I would say the website displays about 50% of the time.

    Please help!

    What versions of IE have you tested with? Do they all display the same behavior?

    (I will be testing with IE 7 today to see what results I get)

    The site loaded just fine for me multiple times in IE8. Also, you still have 70 errors so that could be part of the problem. When you switched themes, did you switch to the DEFAULT theme? Because that’s the one you want to test to see if the site itself is having issues.

    Over 70 errors? When I scan for validation errors I don’t find any errors?

    I haven’t tried the default theme – I will do that…


    I am using Internet Explorer 8

    OK, I activated the default theme and the site was displaying fine last night, but this morning I am getting the same message, “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.”

    I am getting close to just throwing WordPress in the trash – anyone have any other suggestions before I look for another platform?

    Over 70 errors? When I scan for validation errors I don’t find any errors?

    When I checked at the time I wrote that, there were 70.

    I don’t know what to tell you. I have tried your site repeatedly in IE8 and it works every time. (just tried again)

    Why would you ditch WordPress when since millions of people use it in every browser possible without a single problem, the issue obviously isn’t WordPress but some other factor? Honestly? Situations like this are generally user error.

    Just tried again. Refreshed 20 times and the page loaded every time. So…

    thanks for taking time to look into this –

    “Situations like this are generally user error.”

    Remember, I’ve tried this on multiple computers and multiple networks and have experienced the same “INTERMITTENT” problem – it’s frustrating b/c the site may work fine for a few hours/days and then it won’t load later…

    My website visitors have also reported the same intermittent problem – so it is affecting our site and it is NOT user error!

    Thanks for your time!

    I’mhaving the same problem!

    I, too, have tried many times to get the same error message, but I have been unable to get IE7 to tell me that your website cannot be displayed. I certainly believe that you are seeing a problem, but in my opinion, there isn’t any specific evidence that the issue is with WordPress itself.

    Maybe we could do some process of elimination. Try building a very simple PHP based website that resembles your current WordPress site. I say “very simple”, because I know that recreating even part of a site, let alone all of it, can be very time consuming, and our goal is obviously to solve the problem, not waste time redoing your work.

    For this, I would recommend creating just one page in its entirety as best as you can. There doesn’t have to be much content to it, but it should have the same layout, styling, navigation, etc. that is found in one of your current WordPress pages. The point to this is to see whether your simple non-WordPress website also displays the same problem.

    Give that a shot and let us know how it works.


    If you are also getting “Operation aborted” messages in IE, then it’s a bug in IE 7 that’s triggered by certain javascript in plugins, 3rd party widgets, and themes.

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