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    I just upgraded to RC1 and I get the:

    Your browser is out of date!
    It looks like you're using an old version of Internet Explorer.
    For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser.

    notice in my dashboard. I am running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.

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  • I hate to say this but IE9 is bad. It’s not consumer bad it’s not technically bad but it is inferior to similar products like chrome and firefox. I lean towards chrome personally but the IE9 life cycle has now ended. And the internet is a bit better for it.

    Regardless of its merits, Internet Explorer is the current default browser for Windows 7. I don’t believe its life cycle “has ended.”

    Microsoft has not ended support for Internet Explorer 7, but it is not the most recent version of IE. So, WordPress is going to tell you to upgrade your browser or choose a different one. For reference, the current versions of all major browsers are listed here:

    I’m sorry, my earlier post was confusing.

    I am running Internet Explorer 9 (on Windows 7), and getting the message.

    Sorry, I said IE 7 but meant IE 9. Still stand by the comment otherwise.

    If you go to Browse Happy, it does indeed show IE 10 as the “Latest Version”. However, if you go from there to the Microsoft web site, it lists IE 9 as the current version and says “Try Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview–the next browser for Windows 7.”

    Internet Explorer 10 has not yet been released and is not available from Windows Update. IE 9 is the current production release.

    I’m all for progress, but this will confuse a lot of people.

    Moderator Andrew Nacin


    IE10 is the latest version, but only for Windows 8. you are right, the latest stable browser for Windows 7 is currently IE9. Browse Happy will continue to say 10, but I’ve reset the API to assume that 9 is stable.

    Doh, missed the last post

    Moderator Andrew Nacin


    Browse Happy is not about what browsers are supported. (We currently support IE7, and may bump that to IE8 in 2013.)

    It is a nudge to use the best possible browser, to allow for the best WordPress experience. IE9 is nowhere near the best possible browser.

    I didn’t intend to touch off yet another debate about browser merits; I just want to avoid confusing the Windows 7 community.

    I just downloaded RC3 and the message still appears. Am I missing something?

    Moderator Andrew Nacin


    I just downloaded RC3 and the message still appears. Am I missing something?

    It’s not in the WordPress download package. It’s an API call that gets cached as a transient for a week.

    Thank you! I deleted the browser transients and the message has disappeared. I also tried setting my browser version to IE 8 (“out of date”) and IE 7 (“insecure”). Looks like everything is working properly.

    Thank you for your patient attention to this issue.

    David, how did you set your browser version, and did this change how incorrect display of site appeared on earlier versions of IE? After an upgrade to WP 3.5, my site does not display properly only on IE 9 or less…trying to fix it…

    In Internet Explorer 8 and later, you can press the F12 key to open a separate “Developer Tools” window (similar to the Firebug window in Firefox). In the menu bar at the top of this window you will see “Browser Mode” and “Document Mode” entries. Click on the Browser Mode entry to set you browser to IE9, IE8 or IE7 modes.

    I get the Browser out of date when I have compatibility mode turned on, if that’s still the question.

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