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    Just an observation that Ive started seeing ie7 ua’s in my logs.

    I downloaded and installed the dreaded behemoth yesterday and discovered something on my site that was completely and utterly borked in ie7. It’s fixed now, thankfully. I know it sucks but I reckon people might want to look over their sites with it, just to make sure everything displays properly.

    Its UNINSTALLABLE, thank god.

    PS: This thread wasnt started to have a browser wars discussion. I am a ff user, Ive heard it all before.

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  • Heh, I just switch over to Vista to check it. It’s a lot easier than contaminating my install of XP. lol




    fwiw, the uninstall puts everything back flawlessly. I was surprised.

    I redid the install earlier and was smarter; copying over and making another dir for ie6, so I could look at things side by side with both of em.

    Sites that use hacks, fixes, tweaks and tricks to get round IE6’s rendering flaws may have problems with IE7, which comes a lot closer to standards compliance. Having used the beta for a while now, I have to say that the suckage is much reduced. Not quite enough to tempt me away from Firefox, but it is a huge improvement.

    Microsoft have a detailed article which offers some suggestions, including different style sheets for IE6 and IE7.

    Anyone else remember the fun people had with sites tweaked for Netscape 4 when Netscape 6 made its belated appearance? It’s deja vu all over again…



    When using IE7b3 on my site, I noticed that part of the header overlapped the tagline, which I have now fixed even though the site worked on FF/Opera/Safari/IE6 etc.
    It is well worth installing and testing, though people may want to wait until a release candidate before trying it if they don’t have too much to change.



    M$ pretty much says use conditional comments or expect to break…



    If your XHTML structure is clean and your CSS clean and smart, IE 7 isn’t be a big issue.




    Ill only hint at the obligatory “I told ya so” since we all should have been examing our sites in ie7 months ago (my vague reference to the “omg, my site looks like shit in ie7” posts that have already and will continue to come).

    If your interested in maintaining both ie7 and ie6 I found about the only thing that still works:

    There are limitations that are explained on the page, but for those that are just curious what their sites (or my site :P) look like in ie7, it’s a doable option.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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