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  • Hi Guys,

    Have upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 and am using K2 Release Candidate 6 for the site theme, and it is set for a three column K2 sidebar display

    I have no display problems in Firefox (Posts on left, two further sidebars on right) but in Internet Explorer 7, the side bars for some strange reason, only display at the base of the main posting page.

    Would appreciate suggestions to resolve the issue.

    Domain concerned:

    I would add, we run a number of different WordPress sites and do not have the issue replicated on the other sites.

    Many thanks

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  • Eric Amundson


    Volunteer Moderator

    Hey 24plus,

    I took a quick look in both Firefox3 and IE7 and see what you’re talking about. My gut tells me it’s one of two things:

    1. tag cloud
    2. xhtml validation errors, or
    3. margins or padding

    Tag Cloud
    Your tag cloud is breaking out of the box on my display. See what happens if you add overflow:hidden to its CSS:

    core.css.php (line 1575)

    .sb-wptagcloud ul {

    Validation Errors
    Looking at the page in FF and using the HTML Validator plugin, I see ~76 html errors, including unclosed tags, etc.

    I’d definitely try to clean it up a bit as some of these errors could feasibly contribute to the display issues.

    Next, I’d look at your padding. Doing a little math, it seems like this theme cuts it really close.

    The overall width is 950px less 20px each side in #content div = 910px
    The #primary div is 500px + 20px (10px each side for padding)
    And each sidebar is 175px +20px (10px each side for padding)

    So you end up with 520 + 175 + 175 = 910, so there’s no wiggle room at all.

    You may try to reduce the width of the sidebar’s padding in:

    core.css.php (line 149)

    .secondary {
    padding:0pt 10px;

    Hope that helps.

    Many thanks for your reply and greatly appreciated – will take out the Tag Cloud and see what results and look at the code.

    very strange, we don’t have the same problem on the following site:

    Eric Amundson


    Volunteer Moderator

    You’re welcome – I really hope it helps.

    Looking at your site, I don’t see where you have any single tags that are breaking out of the box, like you do on 24 Plus News.

    If that is the cause of the display issue, the overflow:hidden addition to your CSS may work.

    Many thanks – have now taken out the Tag Cloud but still have the same problem.

    Will experiment with the code as you suggested and also re-check the Property Mole site to see if the setup is exactly the same as 24plusnews.

    Once again, many thanks for your quick response.

    Yes, do validate your code because you have major errors that can cause display problems:

    Hi, Guys–

    I’m using WordPress 2.6.1 and Chris Pearson’s 3-column Thesis theme for my blog. In Firefox and Safari, it looks just fine. But on Internet Explorer, the two righthand columns get pushed all the way to the bottom of the main column. As a smaller but still annoying issue, my Nav tabs at the top are messed up too. Any ideas? [Oh, and I should add that I’m a total neophyte codewise, so speak slowly, please.] Thanks!

    Terry B

    @terry B: The post right above yours also applies to your site


    I am also using Chris Pearsons design but PressRow.

    I dont have a tag cloud in there..

    Oh my, I only just found out what explorer is doing to it.

    Any suggestions?


    I have been told by chris that it’s because of the markup I have in the sidebar above ‘must reads’…but when I deleted everything above that it didnt work in firefox.

    Would someone be kind enough who knows this coding help me fix the coding problems I have in my sidebar.

    I have uploaded a copy here…

    Thank you for your help!!


    I see two obvious problems:

    1. You have a large number of code errors that need fixing.
    2. You have copied and pasted text from MS Word into the top part of your side bar. Word includes junky code that can mess up browser display. Never use Word for writing posts offline or editing code. The code with MsoNormal in it needs to be removed and redone.

    iridiax, I don’t understand the coding for the sidebar at all, so just tried to make it work…obviously it doesn’t because it is wrong…

    But I dont know coding, so do not know how to fix it…

    Wow, thats a big list. I used the (h2) codes which were already on the pages, and in the css, so I don’t understand why there are so many errors…

    But I dont know coding, so do not know how to fix it…

    I’d recommend reinstalling a fresh copy of your theme and not adding any real code to it. Use widgets and plugins to add content to your theme instead.

    Unfortunately, you also have code errors in your main page. Here’s a repeated type of one error you can fix:

    <h3>The Discovery</h3</p>

    This should instead be:

    <h3>The Discovery</h3>

    thank you for your help iridiax,

    I have transferred all of my web presence to blogs so I have to figure this out so Please bear with me here…

    Basically, I changed the coding on the sidebar, and have used the html section when doing posts. That’s it!! And the reason I started using the html was because I couldn’t even get paragraph breaks by doing two enters, so I continued on..

    I have been looking up the correct coding to use and found this interesting page (Visual Versus HTML Editor)

    I went right through that great markup validation site you linked to, and see that most of the problems are that the coding changed and faulted, like all the unclosed < and no opening tags and the </p> tags. None of them are on the original site or post pages, they happened because there was a coding meltdown.

    So I come to the following conclusions….I hope they are correct.

    ** use <strong> instead of <b>
    ** use “<” instead of &
    ** My coding for lists is all wrong so I have to learn and fix that
    ** I did the <h2> etc right, but wordpress added the </p> that you note above.

    What I need to know is:

    **Can I use   for spaces?
    **What do I use to underline, I was using <u>
    **You can’t use tables with wordpress?
    **When I use a text widget from I have to put the li type coding in, right?
    **What do I use instead of a , the normal <p> doesn’t work. To get paragraph breaks and double that size breaks.
    **What is the correct code to justify, do font size & color

    (which is obviously why this doesn’t work from my sidebar widget)

    <p class=”MsoNormal” style=”text-align:center;”> <h2><p class=”MsoNormal” style=”text-align:center;”><font color=”#84A3C1″>Freedom


    Emotional Pain</b></font>

    Again, thanks for your wonderful help iridiax, I’m off to learn about lists.


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