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    Dats dah site. Dats dah bomb. Well, I like to tink so anyvay. 😛

    Touble is, dah dang tink don’t vanna display in Internet Explorer (at least, in the lastest version for Macintosh). Ah find dis innerwastink.

    Now, it displays perfectly fine in all the latest iterations of Safari, Firefops, OperaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA and last and quite possibly least, El Camino. They each have zero issues with the styles, div tags and images on the left side of the blog. Checkit tout and you will see vat ah mean.

    But, in Internet Explorer, Bill Gates has made certain to screw his Apple nemesiseseseses. I vould like some PC people (demons you all are) to test me blog in your newest version of IE. Also, you fellow Apple Apostles out there….would you also test the blog in your versions of IE and see if it gives you the same fits it gibs me.

    Finawwy, as Elmer Fubb would say, ip dare ips a fips, let me know va tit tis. Ah vould love to make this blog work in ebbery browser known to man throughout the entire cosmos and beyond.


    I thank you most sincerely.

    Happy Tanks Gibbink ebbery won!

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  • The Mac version of IE is pretty old, and Microsoft have long since abandoned development of it. I’d hope that most Mac users have moved on to more modern and better behaved browsers by now…

    On Windows XP, your site looks fine in both Firefox 2 and IE7.

    AWESOME. I spose thats all I needed to know. I will consider this a none issue, and for the most part resolved, since IE 5.02 is rarely used by anyone accept maybe someone in a third world nation.


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