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  • When adding a post (and sending this post as email to registered users using subscribe2) i get a message “internet connection lost” but there is an internet connection! After cancelling the browser i got a 500 error. After a while i can login again.

    I noticed that when you just wait until the post has been added you don’t get a 500 error. The problem then is that the emails has not been send out. Maybe the subscribe2 plugin is the problem but i am not sure. Somebody has an idea what the problem can be and how to solve this?

    Up to 4.7 i didn’t had any problem!

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  • Hello Pietgolf,

    Sorry for the problem with losing your internet connection when you add a post. This might better served in the PLUGINS section, but I’ll answer it here provided the moderators don’t want it moved. This issue is associated with the SUBSCRIBE 2 plugin. First, I did a little digging on this issue and I would review this earlier post concerning the plugin not sending email. It may help to resolve the issue. If it doesn’t, I highly recommend speaking with your host’s support team if you do not have access to the Web server error log. If there is an error that is caught in the the error log, then we will have more information to work with. Getting that information should help determine what’s happening or at least help to determine where the next step in resolving the problem should be.

    I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

    Arnel C.

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