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    Well, this plugin will going to be close on 1st August 2020

    Is there any other Tax plugin available which works for you country?

    Thank You



    The closing plugin simply makes “Taxjar for Woocommerce” ( compaitble for Multi-Vendor – so the functions available on the closing plugin will still work. Would you take over the plugin or integrate its function into WCFM?

    Any website using WCFM is now classed as a “Marketplace Facilitator” and so needs to collect taxes in behalf of vendors depending on their customer’s country or State when gross income from that state reaches a certain level. Around 43 States in America and also some countries in the EU. Therefore, the toggle on “Collect tax” needs to be country specific based on the customer’s country shipping address. Ebay, Etsy and Amazon now have to do this. Please see for further information.

    @h20live Hi, have you come up with any resolution to this Marketplace Facilitator law? I’ve installed and contacted TaxJar and they said TaxJar is not compatible with WCFM.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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