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  • Good morning,

    I am at the end of my tether and I urgently need some assistance in rectifying this issue, which is now adversely effecting my business.

    When my website gets busy (it seems to be when there is over 280 visitors on the site at once) as a logged in administrator I experience a number of issues.

    – First of all the site becomes slow, images take a while to load in the gallery as the number of website visitors increases
    – Then it will flash up ‘connection lost’ and I am unable to update the article
    – Sometimes I can hit update, but then eventually it loads a ‘opps cannot be found’ page, or an internal server error
    – Whilst there are over 250-300 people on the website I am unable to load any pages, update any articles.

    The strange thing is, if I load the website in a private tab or on another device as a normal visitor, it loads instantly. The problem only seems to exist for logged in administrators.

    I run a news website so as you can imagine, it is fast becoming a problem. Last night I reported a story which saw over 450-500 people on the website constantly for around an hour, later dropping down to 300, then 200 as the night continued. This issue means I cannot provide updates to the story, or publish any new stories that may come in.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Why is this issue only affecting logged in administrators? If it was a server load issue surely normal visitors would be experiencing problems too?

    Any help much appreciated.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • This is really something you should speak to your host about. If it’s not affecting logged out users, you might have caching in place. That would reduce load on the database/memory, but it wouldn’t help if you’re running up against a connection limit of some sort, which is what it sounds like. Your host would be able to help with that.

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    I have spoken to my host several times and they can’t seem to find an issue.

    Caching has been mentioned to me and maybe the fact that caching is disabled for logged in users? I have looked into this but it is said that if caching is enabled for logged in users, then logged out users may start seeing incorrect versions of the pages etc.

    Yes that is an issue with caching logged in users, and that wouldn’t help with the back-end anyway since caching only caches the front end.

    I suggest starting to deactivate non-mission-critical plugins and seeing if the issue starts to go away. If you notice a marked improvement after deactivating a particular plugin, then that will help point you in the right direction.

    Do You have access to server logs?

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    Hi 77 – yes I do

    Thats good. You just need to trigger Internal Server Error and check PHP error logs for get latest error reason. If PHP is not a problem, then check Apache logs.

    Tell me, Your website is hosted on single or multiple servers?

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    I have had the hosting company check the logs etc. and they say they have made adjustments etc… but nothing seems to work.

    The site is hosted on a VPS (4 core, 8GB RAM). I’m told it should happily cope with thousands of visitors at one time.

    We cant help You without logs.
    Internal Server Errors can be shown in many cases.
    You hosting provider propably only increases server parameters, You pay more but main reason is still not resolved.
    Try to get server logs by logging into server via SSH.
    If You problem will be not resolved soon, feel free to send Your logs to us via email (support|at| – please paste link to this thread in email content).

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