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    Has anyone actually got this plugin to work with GoDaddy? I get 500 errors when this plugin is turned on. I think it will work with an older version of WordPress (saw someone say its working with godaddy and wp 2.1.1), but I am setting up a new blog and wanted to use the newest version.

    Anyone have any tips setting this up with the godaddy shared hosting (yes, i know godaddy sucks).

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    Resolution: Don’t use godaddy if you want to use wp-cache, at least not at this time. Hopefully this new host will provide good support (godaddy’s support IS pretty good, despite their hosting) It was cheap hosting what can I expect? I’ve decided to use someone else.

    I concur — I’ve never been able to get this plugin to work on my GoDaddy account.

    I’ve spent days trying to correct this error, amazing is a Godaddy error. Damn. What is causing the error? Anyone knows?

    Ok, so what hosting company supports WP-Cache without issue? I’m willing to change, any help will be appreciated.

    I’m having the same issue (WP 2.1.3, wp-cache 2.1.1, GoDaddy linux hosting), but only on every *other* page load. I’m trying to debug the php, with no luck. I’m starting to think that it’s somehow a hosting issue after all.

    I was having the same problem as described above. I have found a solution, although I’m uncertain to the safety of the solution.

    In the wp-cache-phase1.php file, find the following line where the headers are rewritten:

    What I found is that adding the header Last-Modified causes GoDaddy to have issues. So I added code to ignore the header if it is Last-Modified. If you want to test if this solves your problem, simply comment out the header line and try refreshing (although in the long term ignoring all headers is probably a bad thing). I have a full explanation at my site here.

    If anyone could weigh in on my solution and let me know if there is any risk in ignoring the Last-Modified (or any other suggestions), I’d appreciate it.

    Also, I’m using WP 2.0.5 (yeah, yeah, I know) and wp-cache 2.1.1.

    I have the same issue on every other page just like rumandcodedot I have godaddy/linux I have sent this to godaddy and every time I do they tell me to reinstall WP. And I have twice. Now I don’t know what to do.

    Lunarpages is good with WP-Cache – unfortunately, in a month or so, they will send you a support message telling you they moved your account to their low-budget server because your account is using excessive resources of the original – and top – server.
    Kick tem off!
    I left them for another hosting – resenting that I’ve already paid Lunparpages a full one year hosting.

    So how exactly do I fix this? I deactivated the plugin and I’m still getting 500 internal server errors whenever I reload a page, or click to another page.

    Please help!

    @rbhambha, You have to completely remove the plugin. You can’t just deactivate b/c you will continue to have the same problems.

    removed all of the crap associated with wp-cache and it seems to have fixed my problem.

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