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  • I have a big site with a big cache. W3 Total Cache work fine for me.

    But when I click to “empty all caches” or “save and purge cache” then the backend loads very long (> 30 s) and then I receive an Internal Server Error. The problem must be an php time problem, then when I repeat this steps many times then after x times the problem goes away. Probably because than the entire cache was deleted. With small cache, I not have this problem. Only with big caches.

    I think it would be better if your program intercepted this problem so that no Internal Error are shown. Can you do that?

    (Or you think that is only a problem of my installation?)

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    Also after the last update to Version the problem remain:
    Ok, my cache is big. If I purge the cache then it takes a long time and on the end, an Internal Server Error is shown.

    I repeat the process 4x. Then the cache is deleted and a click again on the button purge cache can be made without error.

    I think it is a time out problem, but I think that it should be intercepted by your plugin.

    Can you tell me, if you work on this problem? Or can you tell me, if the problem is on a ToDo list? Thank you.

    I posted some possible solutions for someone having a similar issue here:

    This is most likely to happen on shared hosting or a small VPS with limited resources, where memory and CPU are scarce.

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    Hello andreslucero,

    thanks for your replay.

    I think it is a little strange, that only for a cache clearing I need more server resource. My website is on a VPS. Ok, it is an old VPS. However, I don’t have resource problems in normal operations with 80 projects. And now I should have resource problems at one single project just because I would delete the cache?

    I tested: when I click on “empty all caches” the cpu resource go to 70%, Memory no problems.

    Only for cache clearing, I am not willing to increase the resources (memory limit is on 128 M, max_execution time 60).

    I think is a problem of the programming. A good programming must manage the clearing process, so that the clearing not runs in this problem.

    My opinion 🙂

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    Ok, now I have increased memoryLimit (256 MB) and PHP timeout (180 s). This solves the problem. But I still find the software should intercept the problem. Because I can not endlessly increase the resources only because the cache grows. And an internal server error should not be produced by any software. A good softare musst show an problem error message not an internal server error.

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