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  • Ok, where to begin…
    We updated our plug-ins 3 days ago. The Event Calendar Plug in 2.0 screwed up our events. We revererted back to Event Calendar 1.6.5. 2 days ago. Everything seemed to be fine.

    Yesterday, 1 day ago, we added a new back up plug in. Last evening when going to our site, I received an error message:

    500 Internal Server Error

    We contacted GoDaddy today, and they do not show WordPress on our site at all.

    Has anyone had any experience with this?

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  • There may be no of reasons for this but the most common is the problem either with your .htaccess file or with functions.php file.

    Try restoring your functions.php and .htaccess file via ftp. If this doesnt work then try to check it again by removing the backup plugin.

    Similar error here after doing a purge of old plugins while simultaneously trying to install new plugins (not too nice for the server).

    I just dropped my .htaccess file (by renaming it via FTP) and my site is back online.
    Once I could access my site again, I recreated the .htaccess file by updating my Settings>Permalinks

    My old .htaccess file is ~1500 bits, My new .htaccess file is ~230 bits. After evaluating the two, it looks like the file was heavily congested by some old modules that I was uninstalling.

    Site seems to be running smoothly now.

    I’m new to wordpress and literally know nothing about website development 🙂 This morning I tried to update a plugin on my website and afterwards it started to get ‘buggy’ in that some widgets were just being left off the website all of a sudden and also some plugins were activating themselves after I had just deactivated them. And then the website crashed and now I am unable to view the website at all. I can access it through the back end but as soon as I just go straight to the website the page goes blank. Any suggestions?
    If I type in the website without www. at the start it seems to load but as soon as I type in www. at the beginning it goes blank. The website is if you want to have a look for yourself.
    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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