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    I cannot get my wp-admin page to load and some sub links are broken. I need help figuring out what is wrong. I am very technical, but Linux is not my area of expertise. I’m moderately skilled in Linux.

    I needed to rebuild my Ubuntu server that is hosted in Azure. The version I have been running on 13.04 refused to upgrade to current. Rather than risk creating an unstable server I chose to rebuild on 14.04 LTS. I followed the codex on moving multi-site.

    I had a lot of difficulty getting the site moved over. The documentation covers too many scenarios in too little detail.

    What worked for me:
    – Update wordpress to current (as of Friday)
    – Make backup image of old system
    – Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    – Update OS
    – Install Apache
    – Test Apache
    – Install mysql, PHP, and various add-ons (php-mcrypt, etc)
    – Secure mysql.
    – Verify PHP running.
    – Configure virtual host on Apache, Validate working properly.
    – Disable unneeded site-definitions
    – create blank database and user.
    – create tar zip on old system of all files in /var/www
    – move to new server and extract in same location
    – export database from old system, create tar of file.
    – move to new server using wget and extract
    – import into database with same name/user.
    – check using temporary dns name to see if site is loading.
    – change AWS Route53 dns
    – shutdown old server and stop it in azure.

    Site address:

    The home page is loading and I know some of my plugins are working. I host my images in Azure CDN and that is working.

    I need some pointers on what to look at to figure out why I’m getting a 500 error on sub pages and wp-admin.

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  • The immediate issue was that I had enabled password security via .htaccess on my wp-admin file.

    I figured out what the issue was by reviewing the error log in /var/log/apache2

    I had forgotten about using this extra security.

    I disabled it by renaming .htaccess
    mv .htaccess htaccess-pita

    This allowed WordPress to load the page. I’ll debug why it’s not working separately and get it back in place. It provides an extra layer of security between my admin page and intruders and they have to beat down the server door before they can beat down the database door. 🙂

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