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  • Hi!

    I get internal server errors all the time on my site. It’s not connected to a certain action but occurs randomly across the site. I have searched the logs for an explanation and found the following:

    In my php5-fpm.log there are a whole lot of entries that states (SIGBUS – core dumped), these are connected to the error.log where I get messages that:

    [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] FastCGI: (104) Connection reset by peer: FASTCGI: comm with server “/usr/lib/cgi-bin/php5-fcgi” aborted: read failed. Sometimes followed by a referrering page.

    I know for a fact that when these occur the person that is trying to get a page is getting an internal server error response from the browser.

    The SIGBUS entries started to occur after an update of wordpress plugins, your plugin is not on the list so I suspect that it’s some kind of a conflict that occurs.

    I have tried to inactivate the calendar and as soon as it’s inactivated I no longer get the sigbus – core dumped message.

    I’m hoping that the new version 2.0.5 is gonna help me get rid of this issue, but when I install in on my development server I get the same issue as they get in this link

    Good to know is that the site has over 30 plugins and it’s a rather large one.

    The version of the calendar that I’m running on my production site is Version 1.10.11-standard on WordPress 3.8.1.

    Do you know of any conflict or anything that could be causing this?
    And will upgrading to the new version help?

    Best regards!

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  • Hello Michael,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to predict the conflicts.
    However, we are releasing 2.0.7 tomorrow, that includes fix for the widget.


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