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    after i upgrade my website to 3.5 framework am seeing our internal paths to your images an so forth in your view source when viewing homepage or any other pages

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  • Please provide a link to your site and provide details of what the paths were before and after the upgrade.

    Is this preventing your images from loading on the site?

    we have to revert to an backup of our blog, and this happen right after the upgrade. i don’t want to post the link here as its dispalying internal paths in our view source however can i send you or link at your email if you don’t mind

    You can send me a message wiht the link via my contact form at However, all other contact will be via the forums.

    k here it is then, if you view the source and scroll down you will see that its showing, and we don’t want that, it wasn’t showing that at all on WP 3.4.2 only after upgrade this did that

    Sorry for any confusion – you were certainly welcome to send me the link via my contact form. I was just saying that I would reply here (without mentioning your URL).

    Looking through the source code for the main page, what I’m seeing for images are things like “×145.jpg” – this is standard for WordPress.

    What kind of URL were you expecting to see for images? Or, if you want me to look at a specific image URL that I may have missed, please let me know.

    No am talking the paths showing in thebottom of the view source if you scroll down starts from here <script type=”text/javascript”>var sgi =

    those paths was never in my view source before and thats an security risk if its showing that

    Without doing testing, my guess is that this variable is used to hold information about the video playlist used on the right-side by the JWPlayer video player.

    Looking at the links (81 in total), about 76 of them are in “/wp-content/uploads/[year]/[month]/[file]”, a couple are on an external site, and a couple are in “/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/[file]”

    Are all of these of concern or just the ones that are different (i.e. the external links and the blogs.dir links)?

    I also am a little confused about what the exact concern is. Could you clarify a bit for me?

    my concern was that it was not showing before, now its showing after the upgrade i don’t want that to be showing in there. nothing was changed other than upgrade.

    In the other topic that you have open (, Marko has suggested that this is caused by the Social Gallery plugin ( Since this is a premium plugin, I do not have a copy of it to test. However, after reviewing the source code on that plugin’s web site, they have the same JavaScript with URLs to the images used in their demo galleries.

    To test if this is definitely what is causing the issue, I suggest disabling the plugin, then refresh the page and view source to confirm if that set of JavaScript is no longer displayed.

    Either way, I do not believe that having these URLs displayed is of any security concern. They are URLs to the photos that you have uploaded to be available on the site, accessible by visitors of the site. If I’m misunderstanding your concern, please let me know.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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