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    I’m not sure where to turn with this, and I’m wondering if it’s because I’m in WordPress that I’m having this problem. Regardless, I’m hopeful someone here can help. Here’s the page:

    The links at the top go to a spot in the same page. And then after each section, there is a return to top link. The problem is, the return to top link is only going to the top of the section that was just linked to. And actually, you can’t even scroll to the top of the page . The rest of the page seems to be gone. The link is in the header, just after the <body> tag. (and I’ve tried it at the top of the post as well).

    Now the internal page jump is HTML 101. And I have been doing this sort of thing since the mid-90s. (Although, I possibly haven’t done an internal page jump in about 7 years). Does anyone know what is going on or what stupid thing I’m missing? Is there something different about WordPress?

    Much obliged for any help.

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