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  1. snowcrash
    Posted 9 years ago #


    probably a dumb question, but I've tried searching with no luck.

    Within a page, it is possible to have internal html links which will jump below to another part of the same page.

    So you would have a list of links at the top of a page, and each of these links point to separate sections below on the same page. Similar to a FAQ page


    EDIT: Sorry, figured it out by using html internal links e.g. http://www.goer.org/HTML/basic/links/

  2. Kodiak3000
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I can't get this to work. I've named my anchors like this:

    <a name="locationonpage"></a>

    and I've pointed to them like this:
    <a href="#locationonpage">go here</a>

    but actually clicking on the resulting link doesn't take me to the desired location. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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