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  • My site’s,, links don’t work on the homepage. Not sure what to do. I thought I posted this question yesterday but can’t find it, so her it is again.

    Could someone please help me identify what is happening to my site? The internal links pull up “404 -file not found” results. I hadn’t made any internal changes to the back office of my site in over six months, but last I remembered deleting a couple directories from my Bluehost cPanel. These directories appeared unused but may have been important. If this is the problem, could someone tell me what directories are used to reconcile the internal links? Again, I haven’t changed any of hte settings inside the back-office of my site. I also remember having challenges with my permalinks many months ago that was resolved, but I can’t remember how.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • Here’s your other post:
    You can find out where all your posts are by going to your profile section.

    If you DID delete any needed files, there could be multiple files which were related. The best thing to do would be to upload all of your WordPress files again. (Except for the wp-config.php file, make sure to keep your current wp-config.php file right where it is.)

    Also, if the problem is related to Permalinks, then its going to be something in your .htaccess file. Rename your .htaccess file or delete it, then set your permalinks up again in your WP dashboard.

    Hi, I’m a total newbie, but I accidently got internal links in a site I’m creating on my localhost to work by leaving off the “i” in “index.php”. I inadvertently typed “ndex.php?cat=XX” and they worked. Saw the typo, inserted the “i” and I broke them all. Removed the “i” and they worked again!

    I don’t think this is an “answer to the problem”, but perhaps I’ve found the problem?

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