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  • lucabrasi40


    If I install some sort of internal linking plugin for SEO does it value both the visitor and the search engine spiders?

    Is it the same as if I had hard coded the link into the text myself or does it only help with user navigation.

    If it is an anchor text link all the time then that would help Google know what my site was about as well as help my visitor. That would be worth it but,if it only helps the visitor than I had better do my internal linking the hard way.

    I somehow have this idea that plugin created links only show up and are clickable when a visitor is on the page. Helpful to my guests but not to the spiders who need to know what my pages are about.

    (sorry, I sort of said the same things over and over but I don’t really know the proper terms to ask it properly)
    what becomes of words that are already hard coded to be hyperlinks. Does the plugin know to leave already linked words alone?

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  • anonymousraft


    Hello @lucabrasi40

    As being SEO guy, I would recommend you to avoid any kind of plugin that provide automated internal linking. because they can hurt your entire SEO reputation by creating internal linking on repetitive anchor text and they are not personalized. they also slower the loading speed of webpage.

    So i would recommend you to take 2 minute extra and do internal linking manually.

    Thank You



    I agree with you, a plugin will slow down page loading speed and cause me to lose much control over the KW phrases I use for internal linking

    The problem is that I have about 170 pages of content, most of which is over 500 words. That is a lot of linking I will need to do.

    What I have is about 20 pages that I hope will be high traffic, landing pages.

    I thought about maybe just linking to those 20 pages would not hurt too much.

    Do you think it is worth it to go through and backlink manually anyway. How would I even begin?

    (I am keeping this site, so I will have it for a long time to come. I want to do the job right)

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